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Health Equality and Social Justice in Old Age

A Frontline Perspective
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"The first lesson is that success looks like whatever your patient describes it as ... Some want to be pain free, to breathe a little easier, to make it to their grand-daughter's wedding ... to be with their cats. Some want me to do everything I can to cure them, while others want to die soon."
Geriatric care and the frailty of old age can sometimes be reduced to a pain score chart rather than an inevitability that needs to be approached with humanity and empathy. Dr Riaz Dharamshi combines his expertise knowledge as a nationally recognised geriatrician with the relatable, deeply empathetic stories of his patients in order to reframe the way we approach care for our elderly population.
This empowering and socio-politically conscious book delves into theoretical discussions around death and old age, drawing light on how many issues arise from social and political factors that take root decades earlier. It presents practical details of an integrated model of care allowing for expert, personalised healthcare to be delivered within our communities and outside of the hospital.
This is a book that encourages the question 'Who is the person to whom this is happening?' rather than just 'What is the medical problem?'. It is ultimately this approach that imbues meaning, purpose, and justice into the work of geriatric medicine and care.
  • Published: Oct 21 2022
  • Pages: 208
  • 228 x 154mm
  • ISBN: 9781839973659
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Press Reviews

  • Dr Nick Kosky, consultant psychiatrist

    A practising doctor in the field of medicine for older people, Dr Dharamshi gives an informed and deeply compassionate view of the art of medicine for those in later life, why we so often get it wrong and dares to suggest how we might get right. Recommended for anyone thinking of entering the field, and a tonic for those who are in it.