Good Grief 2

Exploring Feelings, Loss and Death with Over Elevens and Adults: 2nd Edition

With twenty educators contributing ideas piloted with children of different abilities and backgrounds in their care, Good Grief has been designed to explore and demystify the experience of loss in different contexts within the framework of the National Curriculum.
This second edition has been updated and revised, to include a new chapter on the effects of disasters on children. Suitable for all professionals, carers and parents, both books are activity based. Good Grief 1 facilitates the use of children's own experiences and encouraging improvisation and extension. Primarily designed for mixed ability secondary and adult education, Good Grief 2 will also be invaluable for many other statutory, professional and community organisations.
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Press reviews for: Good Grief 2

Community Care

These books not only provide excellent ideas and guidance for helping grieving people, they also illustrate the huge diversity of human experiences which can be put under the heading of loss. I was so impressed by these books that I felt it was a privilege to be asked to review them.

Journal of the Institute of Health Education

The 22 cooperating contributors provide a superbly constructed resource of information, activities and ideas. Incredibly sensitive in every way, Barbara Ward is to be congratulated and commended.

Association of Child Psychology and Psychiatry Newsletter

The authors have managed to produce an excellent aid to dealing with these very difficult and painful subjects within the national curriculum framework, and in a sensitive and imaginative way that will enable children, their teachers and parents to develop their understanding of loss and its impact. I would strongly recommend these volumes to all professionals working with children. They are also an invaluable source of information about self-help groups, useful literature for children of all ages and a variety of religious and cultural backgrounds.

Lifeline (Magazine of National Association of Bereavement Services)

Ideal for creative inspiration, there are many varied ways of teaching children about the concept of death as a project subject at school, with the involvement of parents carefully noted which I felt was essential. The practical and factual information across differing religious creeds and cultures, and those of no faith, give plenty of scope for teachers and other carers to give information to children growing up in our multi-racial/multi-cultural society. I would recommend both these books for teachers/trainers/carers who look for information and inspiration.

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