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Get out, Explore, and Have Fun!

How Families of Children with Autism or Asperger Syndrome Can Get the Most out of Community Activities
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Many families with a child with autism or Asperger Syndrome feel that involvement in the community is not for them. This book sets out to change that, with a rich and varied menu of suggestions for how such families can take full part in community life and support the strengths and interests of their child at the same time. Informal learning experiences can be the key to self-discovery, communication, self-confidence, and even independence for many children on the autism spectrum. Only outside the four walls of school will your child truly discover their own passions, abilities, and social peers.

Get Out, Explore, and Have Fun is a guide to what's out there, how to find it, and how to make it work for your family. The book includes hints and tips for involving your family in the right community activities, from sport to science; information on museums, arts organizations and science institutions as venues for an enjoyable and enriching day out for the family; and resources and ideas for helping your child build on their strengths, interests, and preferred learning styles to explore life in the community. Handouts about autism are included, as well as handouts suggesting ways in which organisations and institutions can successfully include young people with autism in their activities.

This book will open the door to community inclusion, creative exploration, and social learning.
  • Published: Jun 15 2010
  • Pages: 256
  • 227 x 153mm
  • ISBN: 9781849058094
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Press Reviews

  • The Midwest Book Review

    Get Out, Explore, and Have Fun provides parents of Asperger or autism kids with a fine encouragement to get the family involved with the community. From pinpointing family activities from sports to science to museums, science institutions and the arts, this provides handouts about autism and ideas on how institutions can include kids with special needs.

    The book is also a valuable resource guide, listing dozens of places and activities, from faith participation to summer camps, from museums to concerts. You name it, it's in there... I highly recommend this book to any parent who wants to stimulate their environment-sensitive child.
  • The Examiner

    Lisa Jo Rudy's new book, Get Out, Explore and Have Fun!, is an antidote to autism isolation and a great tool to help parents engage with their autistic child in a variety of real-world settings. The mother of a 13-year-old autistic son (as well as a neurotypical daughter), she gives practical advice on choosing and enjoying community activities and settings.

    Articulate yet conversational in style, Rudy rejects the idea that the family with an autistic child can't be joyful, energetic, involved and fun-loving. Get Out, Explore and Have Fun shows how parents of autistic kids can expect more from their child and their lives.
  • Special Education

    As the teacher of children on the spectrum, I will be recommending this book to parents of higher functioning children, especially for children who need more community based experience with their parents.
  • 50 Book Challenge

    I admit it. I'm a coward. When it comes to taking my autistic son out in public, I often balk... The good news is that Lisa Jo Rudy wrote a book for parents like me. In Get Out, Explore, and Have Fun! How Families with Autism and Asperger Syndrome Can Get the Most out of Community Activities, she offers over 200-pages of advice on introducing developmentally-delayed children to broader experiences...When I finished this book, I felt empowered. I was ready to go through the long list of her suggested internet links to find out what was available locally... I highly recommend this book to any parent of an autistic child.
  • Alternative Choices

    Get Out, Explore, and Have Fun!, a new book by Lisa Jo Rudy demonstrates that there is more to life than therapy for families of children with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum. True to its title, the author presents us with a treasure chest of ideas for getting out, exploring, and having fun... This book is a virtual GPS for fun in the community.
  • Whitterer on Autism

    Lisa Jo gives us an in-depth and well considered approach to help us change how we think about some of the difficulties we face when it comes to "getting out and about." Her "no nonsense" approach is refreshing and I particulary warmed to the underlying philosophy -- yes all autistic children need education and some need therapy, but not to the exclusion of everything else that life has to offer.

    "Getting out" and "having fun" may seem mutually exclusive if your community forays usually end in meltdowns, rejections, and feelings of failure. Mine is a family of homebodies, and I feel strongly about the merits of staying in and hanging out. But it's undeniable that, if we ever hope to have our children included in their schools and communities, we have to get them out where people can get to know and appreciate them. And we need books like Get Out, Explore, and Have Fun! to kickstart us.