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Foundations and Applications of Group Psychotherapy

A Sphere of Influence
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The author focuses on how to provide effective individual treatment within psychoeducational and psychotherapeutic groups, and examines the structural properties of such groups as organizational entities in their own right. The book is divided into two main parts, covering foundations and applications. The former looks at the history and epistemology of the grouping process, considering both practical and philosophical questions. The latter looks at specific psychoeducational and psychotherapeutic uses of the group medium, from which the reader can expect to gain both an in-depth understanding of the human grouping process and a practical knowledge of how to organize, facilitate, and manage collective treatment regimens. The final chapter of the book considers the logistics of small-group participation and the mythic roots of small-group culture. Although each chapter can be read as a discrete unit, they are linked and sequenced by recurrent motifs, consistent structural analyses, and a generalized perspective about collective dynamics.
  • Published: Jun 01 1999
  • Pages: 454
  • 233 x 155mm
  • ISBN: 9781853027956
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