Dr. Dawn's Mini Books About Mighty Fears Series Bundle

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Dr. Dawn's Mini Books About Mighty Fears series are designed to help children ages 6-10 tackle their fears and live happier lives. Each book contains Fun Facts to engage children, while a Note to Parents and Caregivers and supplemental Resource Section make this the perfect guide for parents and mental health professionals.

Facing Mighty Fears About Throwing Up

No one like to throw up, but emetophobia is different, turning disgust into dread. Facing Mighty Fears About Throwing Up presents techniques to help shrink this common fear. 

Facing Mighty Fears About Health

Thinking about our body's functions can be scary, especially when it morphs into Health Anxiety that gets in the way of everyday life. Facing Mighty Fears About Health teaches 4 steps to manage 'false alarm' fears. 

Facing Mighty Fears About Animals

Fear of animals that slither, bite, and sting can get in the way of going places and doing things. Facing Might Fears About Animals teaches children techniques to shrink over-size fears.

Facing Mighty Fears About Trying New Things

First time jitters are normal, but when they turn into tears and outright refusal, the world shrinks in problematic ways. Facing Mighty Fears About Trying New Things teaches children to manage uncertainty about new experiences. 

Facing Mighty Fears About Baddies and Villains

Many children are afraid of baddies and villains who do, in fact, do hurtful things. But sometimes fear far outstrips danger, and even children who are safe feel apprehensive all the time. Facing Mighty Fears About Baddies and Villains teaches 3 steps to help manage ongoing fears.

Facing Mighty Fears About Making Mistakes

Many children avoid taking on challenges, melting down when the going gets tough. But doing things you aren't very good at is one of the best ways to keep your brain healthy and strong. That means it's okay to mess up, and fumble, and fail. In fact, you should do these things. Mistakes are exactly what your brain needs to grow. Facing Mighty Fears About Making Mistakes helps 6-10-year-olds get more comfortable with imperfection. 

Facing Mighty Fears About Being Apart From Parents

Many children worry about doing things on their own, with fears escalating to the point of not being able to leave their parents' side. But staying with a parent isn't always possible, and doing things independently is an important part of growing up. Facing Mighty Fears About Being Apart From Parents teaches 3 steps to manage oversize fears.

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