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Expressive Arts with Elders

A Resource Second Edition
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This engaging and practical book shows how older people who are disoriented or depressed or socially excluded by the process of ageing can experience a renewed sense of connectedness and life-affirmation through the expressive arts and arts therapies.

The contributors combine a thought-provoking analysis of theoretical considerations around the themes of aging, society and dementia with practical applications in a diverse range of creative arts including drama, music, art, dance and creative writing. They also include descriptions of innovative inter-generational and cross-cultural projects.

Professionals working with older people in a range of settings including residential homes, community centres and psychiatric care will find this book to be an indispensable guide to their practice.

Review of the first edition

;This book is comprehensive and program-oriented and will be of immeasurable help to professionals in the field of ageing. It is a lucid guide of successful and creative artistic programs which points the way to new dimensions in the field.'

- Jacqueline T. Sunderland, former president of the National Center on Arts and Ageing
  • Published: Apr 01 2001
  • Pages: 240
  • 232 x 170mm
  • ISBN: 9781853028199
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Press Reviews

  • Kevin Hope, The University of Manchester

    The book outlines a broad and interesting variety of approaches including art, dance and movement, drama, music and writing. A particular strength is the practice advice regarding instigating and maintaing such processes.
  • Imagination, Cognition and Personality

    The purpose of Naida Weisberg and Rosilyn Wilder's book is to show ayonewho works with elders a wide range of expressive arts strategies. The book accomplishes its objective in an organized, informative, and entertaining manner by combining theory with practical suggestions and descriptions with lively anecdotes.This book is filled with songs of wonder as it celebrates the power of the imagination and creativity as a tool for helping elders and those who work with them. I urge you to accept the invitation to the metaphorical party. Read Expressive Arts with Elders and celebrate the playful, creative, artistic spirit that moves within each one of us in an ageless circle of life.
  • Society for Storytelling

    Based in the USA the editors have produced a book which gives valuble information on strategies which have been used across the arts with older people in a range of settings and which also include descriptions of intergenerational and cross cultural projects. The contributors include specialists in music therapy, dance and drama, writing, horticulture, visual arts, as well as a psychiatrist, clinical psychologist and a psychotherapist... I would suggest that this book is useful as a reference to support a storyteller in their work with elders.
  • Jennifer Haywood, Assistant Professor of Music Education, Ithaca College

    I cannot tell you enough how incredible your sourcebook is... thank you for such a marvelous resource to artists interested in working with older adults!
  • Mental Health Today

    The premise of the editors of this book is that the creative arts provide a powerful medium through which older people can express themselves and live more fulfilling lives. Its strength lies in the way in which the various contributors demonstrate how they turned these aims into a reality through dance and movement, drama, music and creative writing, using examples from their own work in a wide range of settings, from day centres to care homes...The book offers a useful compendium of new ideas.