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Exploring and Working With Autistic Regression

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In this honest, poignant depiction of autistic regression, Sophie Gaston explores the unexpected joys and challenges of having a child that regresses and surveys the historic and latest professional perspectives on the causes of this little-understood occurrence.

Full of advice and resources, including insight from speech therapists, autistic adults, paediatricians, and other parents, Sophie explores the implications of regression for family life and what can be done to achieve acceptance and happiness during these times.

Backed by the latest research and scientific evidence, and delivered from a lived-experience viewpoint, this book provides everything you need to explore what autistic regression is and how you can help a regressing autistic child to thrive.
  • Published: Jul 21 2023
  • Pages: 144
  • 214 x 388mm
  • ISBN: 9781839974373
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Press Reviews

  • Dr Mary Doherty, Autistic Doctors International

    This poignant account of parenting a child through the loss of acquired skills is brave, powerful and raw. Exploring the under-recognized phenomenon of autistic regression, Gaston seeks and finds answers in autistic community wisdom, drawing fascinating parallels with autistic burnout. For parents navigating a challenging and uncertain future, this book offers practical advice to optimize the environment so nonspeaking autistic children can thrive.
  • Jessica Moxham, author of The Cracks That Let the Light In, parent to a disabled son

    This is a valuable insight into regression in autistic people through Sophie's own experience. Sophie looks inwards at her own family but also outward to the lived experience of autistic people and the expertise of professionals. It's exactly the book someone new to regression would want and need.