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Emotional Release for Children

Repairing the Past, Preparing the Future
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`I felt inspired by this comprehensive detailed guide that offers a wide range of ERC exercises, techniques, and examples. The stories in the final chapter are heartfelt. I was left with the sense that Pearson and Nolan are clearly dedicated in their search for ways to help traumatized children rediscover themselves.'

-Dramatherapy, Vol.28, Autumn 2006

`This book provides a moral, philosophical and practical basis by which carers can move towards a more proactive practice… It explains why carers must find the courage to reflect on their own psychological constitution in order to effectively help the young people in their care.'

- Community Care

`Focusing on past experiences of children and adolescents experiencing depression, hidden grief and unpredictable anger, this book is aimed at teachers, youth workers, counsellors and parents. It provides a guide to the `release of emotional stress' in order to encourage growth of self-esteem.

There is advice for facilitators and self-help methods for carers and an interesting chapter `retelling' stories from the counselling room, which do add colour and cohesion to the methods described. The appendices provide photocopiable work sheets and further information on workshops and training.' -Community Practitioner

Focusing on past experiences to begin the process of emotional healing, this book provides methods for helping children and adolescents experiencing depression, fear, hidden grief and unpredictable anger to release such emotional stress and develop their happiness and emotional well being. Devised by experienced counsellors, this book includes clear, step-by-step games and exercises for encouraging children's growth of self-awareness and reclaiming of self-esteem.

The exercises, designed for work with both individual children and groups, provide imaginative formats for repairing the hurts of the past and for opening children to the full potential of their inner world. In addition to the emotional release exercises there is guidance for personal development and counselling sessions, an introduction to sandplay therapy; work with art, drama and music; Gestalt methods, relaxation and visualisation formats; and survival tips for carers.
  • Published: Jan 21 2004
  • Pages: 224
  • ISBN: 9781843102250
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