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Emotion Coaching with Children and Young People in Schools

Promoting Positive Behavior, Wellbeing and Resilience
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Emotion Coaching (EC) is a universal communication strategy which supports children and young people to self-regulate and manage their stress responses. Originally noticed as an effective way parents communicated with their children around challenging behaviours, Emotion Coaching has been shown to be highly successful in educational settings too. This is why the authors pioneered the research and application of Emotion Coaching into UK (primary and secondary) schools and community settings.

The book includes straightforward descriptions and practical tips, with signposting to resources, case studies and vignettes to illustrate its practical application in educational settings. It supports adults to promote empathetic responses to challenging behaviours and situations, helping children and young people to understand their emotions and learn to manage them and their behavior in the longer-term.
  • Published: Aug 19 2021
  • Pages: 192
  • 248 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781787757981
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Press Reviews

  • Dr David Colley, Oxford Brookes University

    Research suggests that classroom learning, memory recall and social functioning are all affected by the process of emotion. If a child is not emotionally ready to learn then no amount of work differentiation or punitive threats will ameliorate this issue. In 'Emotion Coaching with Children and Young People in Schools', educational and community practitioners are offered a clear and structured guide to supporting learners with emergent social, emotional and mental health needs. Professionals are encouraged to regain control of their own emotional responses in the first instance, before engaging with distressed children 'in the moment' using the evidence based Emotion Coaching approach. Informed by Bowlby's Attachment Theory and located within a paradigm that includes nurturing schools, Theraplay, restorative practices and zones of regulation, Emotion Coaching offers a direct and powerful intervention that explicitly teaches children how to label emotions, to process emotions and to find solutions. If emotions are 'the glue and gunpowder' of human connectedness, then coaching children how to regulate their emotions should be prioritised in every school curriculum. This accessible and practical book is the ideal place to start.
  • Dr Mine Conkbayir, Early Years Author, Researcher and Trainer

    The authors effortlessly bring the concept of neuroscience into daily practice and all areas of life, through Emotion Coaching. This practical guide is second to none in its scientifically proven approach to nurturing children's behavioural development.
  • Dr Theodora Papatheodorou, Research Fellow - Norland College

    Based on neuroscientific evidence and own research finding, the authors have placed emotions and relationships at the centre of Emotion Coaching. Written in an accessible and engaging manner, with plenty of examples from practice, this volume provides sound foundations of the science behind brain development and its application to practice for emotional regulation. The publication is highly recommended for professionals, who work with children of all ages and across different settings (e.g., schools, family, and community) and seek meaningful frameworks to anchor their intervention strategies.
  • Mohammed Bham, Principal Educational Psychologist, Leicester UK

    Emotion Coaching: An inclusive, evidence-informed, empathic and relational approach. This book provides practical guidance and a model for practitioners and parent/carers on 'how to' work with children and young people's development of recognising emotions and regulating feelings, helping them regulate their behaviours.
  • Sarah Rivers, Head Teacher of Staffordshire Virtual School for Looked After and Previously Looked After Children

    In Staffordshire we set out on our emotion coaching journey to support the educational experiences of our children in care. The huge win for us was that we found whole school communities were transformed with more attuned relationships between children and adults leading to demonstrably improved education outcomes. Please read this book, we need Emotion Coaching now more than ever!
  • Judy Sebba, OBE, Emeritus Professor of Education, University of Oxford

    Using emotion coaching in schools is emerging as highly successful. This clear and accessible book, drawing on research and enriched with practical examples, provides direction for school staff and others. Emphasising the importance of a relational approach to children's development of self-regulation, it makes a potentially outstanding contribution to their learning.
  • Daniel Thrower CEO and Anne Oakley Strategic and Systemic Lead for Attachment and Trauma, The Wensum Educational Trust, Norwich

    Emotion Coaching is a catalyst for change so needed in education. It empowers schools to move from purely managing to understanding behaviour. It inspires schools to empathise, counsel and guide with kindness, to be relational with everyone. This book offers a way forward to change a mindset.
  • Anne Cameron, Schools Partnership Programme Lead, Education Development Trust

    As a parent and as a professional, as a friend and a spouse - in every aspect of my life - Emotion Coaching has had a hugely positive impact. This book is really accessible, clear and as valuable to adults in understanding and managing their own emotional and stress responses as it is in enabling them to support all children and young people to do the same.
  • Dr Margot Sunderland, Director of Education Centre for Child Mental Health and Co-Director Trauma Informed Schools UK.

    A vital resource for schools who want to address behaviours that challenge in a way that truly enhances the child's social and emotional development at the same time. The book not only explores the 'why' of emotion coaching but vitally the 'how to do it', illustrated throughout by deeply moving examples. A fabulous read that just flows off the page, supporting best practice for all school staff.
  • Professor Sophie Havighurst, PhD Principal Researcher Tuning in to Kids program

    A very thorough, accessible book that gets the right balance between being informative and highly relatable. Teachers have an important role to play in raising emotionally competent children - this book provides an easy-to-understand rationale for why it is critical to focus on children's emotions and guide them to learn about feelings - in a similar way that teachers might guide children to learn their A B C's!