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Educating Young People About Pornography

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) Activities for 11-19 year olds
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At a time when pornography is more accessible than ever and many young people are inadvisably turning to pornography to learn about sex and relationships, this book explores what pornography is, the politics behind pornography, how it can affect both sexual and non-sexual relationships and the effects of pornography on mental health. The book also covers the important wider topics of the making and sharing of inappropriate images and over exposure to porn contributing to what is becoming known as 'rape culture'. It includes full lesson plans, activities, photocopiable materials and clear information on how to implement the programme, including outlines for staff CPD sessions and parent workshops.

This book will be vital for PSHE teachers, senior leadership teams, pastoral care teams, school counsellors, youth workers, school nurses, and anyone who might be involved in sex education provision for young people.

  • Published: Jun 21 2022
  • Pages: 256
  • 296 x 210mm
  • ISBN: 9781787758339
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Press Reviews

  • Rebecca Jennings (RSHE Consultant)

    A fantastic resource which allows a flexible approach when educating young people about pornography. This book delves in to some of the challenges young people are facing when making sense of Relationships and Sex and provides the tools to broach this sensitive topic. The activities set within the book allow educators to begin an important conversation around the unrealistic expectations of relationships, bodies and sex which are often portrayed in the media.
  • Abbee McLatchie, Director of Youth Work, National Youth Agency

    Educating Young People About Pornography brings an additional, essential component to RSE curriculum. Young people are increasingly exposed to hypersexualised imagery through contemporary digital media. Understanding this, and supporting young people to navigate the complexities this brings to a healthy understanding of intimate relationships is vital. This resource will be a key part of the youth workers toolkit.
  • Rachel Houlden, Director, AC Education

    Packed with creative activities and ideas to enable teachers to have positive, thought provoking conversations with young people. An essential guide for any teacher delivering RSE.
  • Deborah Terras, Lecturer, University of Cumbria, Institute of Health

    A vital resource to have in any practitioner's toolkit, be that a youth and community worker or a teacher Vanessa once again offers grounded resources that can be adapted to meet any given situation. This book allows for honest, healthy and open discussions with young people to explore the influence of pornography and provides an understanding within the framework of intersectionality. A much needed resource to support national curriculums.
  • Esther Honer-Aird, Director of Policy and Procedure, Kinetic Youth Ltd

    '... one in five boys aged between 16 and 20 said they were 'dependent on porn as a stimulant for real sex' (Rogers, V. 2022) Working in the secure estate, an environment where RSE is limited, this resource is key. From setting ground rules, knowing your environment and understanding the law, to providing a glossary, a plethora of session plans and ideas for impact measurement, it is a must for any youth worker out there.
  • Charlotte Gordon, Director of KIP Education CIC

    One thing that all youthworkers want to help with workload is a catalogue of great session activity ideas that they can rely on to be easy to implement, high quality and engaging. Pornography is often such an awkward topic and we (facilitators) just want to know we are doing the best job. If you're looking for all of this to help you plan the best RSE education for your young people, then this book answers your prayers. Its only fault is that it has so many great ideas that you just don't have time to cover them all! I've used it in one-to-one sessions as well as with young people who need guidance in a particular area, such as sexism. It's inclusive, comprehensive, and you have the assurance that it has been written by an expert educator in the field. If you're a PSHE teacher or youthworker, this MUST be on your bookshelf