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Dream Time with Children

Learning to Dream, Dreaming to Learn
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Brenda Mallon's latest book on dreams and dreaming provides a valuable and positive insight into the dreams of children. She has - through sensitivity, empathy and respect - won the trust of the children she has spoken to, and they have in turn shared their dreams with her. Brenda Mallon has written a book that will be a valuable resource to parents as well as professionals working with children. She has provided an excellent book list for children on the subject of sleep and dreams and there is a very comprehensive bibliography. I would recommend this book, both for the subject material and the manner in which it is presented.'

- Rostrum

'This is an enjoyable read by an author who has already written widely about children and grief ("Helping children manage loss"). Although the book is not directly about bereavement, it will be most helpful to parents who are trying to help children disturbed by their dreams and it includes many wonderful quotations from youngsters on the subject such as "They are pictures in my pillow" and "We dream to rewind our memory". The great strength of this book, however, is that the author gives adults many practical and useful ways for helping children when troubled. She is clear that dreams are real, powerful and a part of our lives, whether we remember them or not. We can support our children by paying attention to their dreams and not dismissing them or brushing them aside because they are uncomfortable.'

- The Compassionate Friends Newsletter UK

'An excellent book to help adults understand the fears and insecurities that can cause children to dream. Brenda Mallon, prominent in the field of dream research for more than 20 years, hopes her book will enable those who care for and work with children to realise that children's deepest anxieties signal to us through dreams. There are chapters on nightmare taming and the impact of illness, as well as ideas on how to set up a dream sharing group. This is a helpful way to let children talk about their dreams and understand why they have them.'

- The Teacher

'Dream Time with Children is short, easy and fun to read, with enough introductory information that any parent, even a complete novice, could use it to begin dream sharing with children. At the same time, the most experienced dream worker will find much of interest here. A wonderful introduction to the world of children's dreams.'

- Richard A. Russo, Dream Time: the magazine of the Association for the Study of Dreams

'A fascinating and readable book. Using vivid examples, Brenda Mallon explains how and why children dream, and makes connections with universal dream themes and symbols. She subscribes to Jung's theory of multiple layers in dreams. Practical guidance is given on how to help children express their dreams individually or in a group. She analyses Harry Potter's dark dreams, alerting us to the signals being sent out by nightmares, which can denote fear of separation, abandonment or attack. But she ends by reminding us how uplifting and creative dreaming can be.'

- Community Care

Children may not understand where their dreams come from especially when they experience terrifying nightmares that stop them being able to sleep, and frighten them when they are awake. What can an adult do to help them overcome their nightmares? How do you know what is `normal' dreaming for their age and development?

Accessible and fun to use, this guide gives a step-by-step account of how to understand and interpret children's dreams. Illustrated with practical exercises it also contains interesting facts about the cultural and spiritual significance of dreams. Dream Time with Children even includes an analysis of Harry Potter's dreams - as well as a fascinating look at dreams real children have experienced.
  • Published: Dec 15 2001
  • Pages: 192
  • 228 x 156mm
  • ISBN: 9781843100140
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