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Direct Work with Vulnerable Children

Playful Activities and Strategies for Communication
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For many vulnerable children, the idea of talking to an adult about their experiences and feelings can be a daunting prospect. This book demonstrates how the introduction of playfulness when working with neglected or abused children helps to build a trusting relationship by openly engaging with the child's world.

The practical activities and resources provided have been developed over 20 years of working with vulnerable children and are proven to help reduce feelings of stress and open up the lines of communication between adult and child. The straightforward, accessible style makes them easy to follow and ideal for reference in everyday practice.

With plenty of tried and tested advice, this book is essential reading for all those working with vulnerable children, including social workers, child protection workers, therapists, teachers and police interviewers, who are looking for effective ways to engage with them.
  • Published: Dec 15 2012
  • Pages: 224
  • 228 x 150mm
  • ISBN: 9781849053198
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Press Reviews

  • PSW (Professional Social Work)

    A practical, theoretical and therapeutic book, it aims to fill learning gap in social work education by providing solution-focused, child-centred, needs-led and empathetic strategies for communication... The activities bring a professionally enjoyable perspective to breaking down barriers, building trust and continuing relationships with children and their families.

    This book is a wonderful resource for all those who work or have contact with children. It contains a wealth of practical ideas, which are all clearly explained, and with diagrams and drawing to illustrate their use... Carers, parents, teachers and therapists will find this little gem of a book a must for their bookshelf.
  • BACP Children & Young People; Pauline Culliney, Deputy Director and Clinical Lead for Children & Young people at Community Counselling HP16 and primary school counsellor

    Reference is made to the challenges of building and sustaining a relationship noting that every interaction can change a child's view of adults and the world around them and that this is a huge privilege and responsibility as well as both rewarding and beneficial to child and worker... What shines for me about this book is the huge respect, care and consideration it demonstrates for the child being a person in their own right... A recommended book, particularly if you are working with neglect or abuse, as these activities come from the experiences of the authors - for me, always useful "evidence".
  • Brigid Daniel, Professor of Social Work, School of Applied Social Science, University of Stirling, UK

    Practical, sensitive and packed with low-tech, cheap and engaging ideas for direct work with children this book will convince anyone working with children and young people of the benefits of creative activities. It is peppered with the stories of children that vividly illustrate their delight at being able to communicate about their lives on their terms. The harsh realities of the dangers and pressure many children experience are not skirted around, the book offers a wide variety of exercises for tackling serious child protection issues. The detailed descriptions of activities are supported by extensive information about the world of children and young people and how to prepare the ground for effective direct work. This book is inspiring. I am sure this book will be of real value to people in the field.
  • Harry Ferguson, Professor of Social Work, School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Nottingham, UK

    Professional awareness of the need to work directly with vulnerable and abused children in skilled, creative ways has grown enormously in recent years, but there is a real shortage of literature to assist practitioners in doing this work. This important book makes a vital contribution to filling this gap in knowledge. With its combination of theoretical insights and practical tools it has enormous amount to offer students, teachers and experienced practitioners.
  • Shirley Hewitt, Senior Lecturer in Initial Teacher Education

    Although written by authors who have extensive experience working in social care, this book is aimed to meet the needs of social workers, child protection workers, therapists, counsellors, residential care workers, police interviewers, teaching staff, nursery workers, court-appointed guardians as well as child and family centre workers. This is book is written in an accessible format and it can be read as a general overview of strategies and interventions, but also it can be used as a reference book to provide information on meeting specific needs... Examples of real-life scenarios add an extra dimension to the content and provide evidence as to how these activities have been used to establish relationships with different individuals... The activities and strategies can also be used in a variety of settings...This book will be of use to a variety of professionals who work with vulnerable children. It has relevance to health, social and educational interventions in a variety of settings.