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Dementia Care Training Manual for Staff Working in Nursing and Residential Settings

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This accessible, interactive resource book encourages front-line staff working with dementia sufferers in nursing and residential settings to examine their working practice and modify it to where appropriate to meet best practice guidelines.

Packed with photocopiable training exercises, discussion points and questions to prompt care workers to reflect on their style of work, this practical training manual also provides a framework for care work in line with statutory requirements and national training standards. It can be used as a self-training guide by carers, who can work through it at their own pace or under the supervision of a colleague, or by trainers running structured courses on good practice in dementia care. It is also suitable for use as a quick reference in daily practice.

This comprehensive resource will provide useful guidance for all staff working face-to-face with people with dementia, whether in nursing, day-care or residential settings.
  • Published: Jun 26 2006
  • Pages: 240
  • 294 x 211mm
  • ISBN: 9781843103189
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Press Reviews

  • Christian Council on Ageing Dementia Group

    This book is a timely addition for any care home and should be available in public libraries for those coping with a relative in their own home. It is jargon free and immensely practical and reassuring. Others have been there too - what a relief! The postscript says that the world owes a huge debt of gratitude to the care assistants who are so poorly paid. They are the people who bring hope and understanding to people so often lost in an alien world. They do it because they care. This book encourages further study and the opportunity to convert hard work into professional qualifications. Thank you Danny Walsh for sharing your expertise with us.
  • Dementia Journal

    This is an interesting publication that will be a helpful addition for practitioners working in a range of settings with people experiencing dementia.
  • Leveson Centre Newsletter

    Walsh tackles the issue of dementia care with rigour and comprehensiveness. There are 36 chapters, dealing with specific subjects and they achieve their aim in offering an accessible and interactive resource book for front line staff. I have tested the material with some of my care staff and found them to be of enormous use, in enabling carers to examine working practice and develop it to meet an individual's needs. This resource is an absolute must for anyone who wishes to develop the practice of dementia care.
  • Caring Times

    Well written and easy to use, it is comprehensive in scope, and contains a wealth of exercises that can be used on their own or as parts of a planned in-house training course. Walsh constantly encourages us to understand behaviour and to see things from the resident's angle so that we can get to the causes and respond in helpful and therapeutic ways.