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Creative Coping Skills for Children

Emotional Support through Arts and Crafts Activities
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Everyone has different needs when it comes to coping with life's stressors, and children are no different. Some need quiet and soothing activities to calm them down, whereas others require more physical activity or intense sensory input to relax their minds and bodies.

This resource comprises a collection of fun, flexible, tried-and-tested activities and make-it-yourself workbooks for parents and professionals to help a child in need of extra emotional support find the coping skills that fit them best. Each activity lists the materials required and includes clear directions for how to do it. There is something for every child: whether they are dynamic and creative or more cerebral and literal. Projects include making wish fairies, dream catchers, and mandalas; managing unstructured time with activities such as creating comics, dioramas and tongue twisters; and simple ideas for instant soothing, such as taking deep breaths, blowing bubbles, making silly faces, and playing music. Creative Coping Skills for Children also includes specific interventions for anxious or grieving children such as making worry dolls and memory shrines.

This book is full of fun, easy, creative project ideas for parents of children aged 3–12, teachers, counselors, play therapists, social workers, and all professionals working with children.
  • Published: Jul 06 2009
  • Pages: 192
  • 279 x 223mm
  • ISBN: 9781843109211
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Press Reviews


    Bonnie Thomas' new book Creative Coping Skills for Children - Emotional Support Through Arts and Crafts Activities is a goldmine of helpful and simple arts and crafts based activities that are designed to show children how to cope with their emotions.
  • The Midwest Book Review

    From making wish fairies and dream catchers to time management and instant soothing routines such as blowing bubbles, CREATIVE COPING SKILLS is packed with practical ideas that have proven successful.