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Crafting Meaningful Wedding Rituals

A Practical Guide
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The trend towards a more secular culture in Western society means that there can be greater flexibility in a wedding ceremony, but couples are often faced with the challenge of preparing a meaningful celebration outside the traditional religious framework. This hands-on, practical guide demonstrates how to approach and prepare a secular wedding ceremony that honours a couple's relationship with honest vows and rituals true to their shared values. In addition, it provides guidance on structuring a ceremony for couples that come from very different cultural or spiritual backgrounds.

Includes the tools necessary for the creation of a ceremony, such as a Ritual Identity Questionnaire, checklists, and many other resources.
  • Published: Jul 18 2019
  • ISBN: 9781784507435
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Press Reviews

  • Margaret Beckman, Minister, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Castine Castine, Maine

    In our current culture of "Do It Yourself" rituals, Crafting Meaningful Wedding Rituals is a breath of fresh air for couples, and clergy whose goal is to craft and deliver a wedding experience that is individualized to the couple and inclusive of their guests. Often, couples spend too little time in deep conversation and planning about their actual wedding ceremony. Jeltje Gordon-Lennox offers a comprehensive guide to make that planning process meaningful and lasting.
  • Charlotte Eulette, Int’l Dir. for the Celebrant Foundation & Institute

    Ms. Jeltje Gordon-Lennox has written an inventive and highly informative book that everyone can benefit from reading. It's not just for couples getting married, it's for all of us. Her book delves into humanity's relationship, history and sociology that is marriage and weddings. She doesn't solely focus on the predominate western world's view but brings in via the stories she shares with us, all the world's cultures and is inclusive of people and couples from all walks of life. Yes, this book is a guide, it educates and engages us to self-explore who we are at the very core and to discover more about the unique person who is or will be our spouse and our mate. Her book is a delight as much as it is an essential read. Ultimately, it is useful for anyone who desires to have a noble and meaningful relationship with the one or the one's they love - and how to make the concept of a personalized wedding a reality. Jeltje is a scholar, author, rite-of-passage Celebrant and ritual-maker extraordinaire; how lucky we are to have her share her vast wisdom and knowledge with us. My advice about Jeltje's books is: Read them all!
  • Library Journal
    Psychotherapist Gordon-Lennox (Crafting Secular Ritual; Emerging Ritual in Secular Societies) aims her book toward those who wish to design a secular wedding ceremony unique to their own bond and personalities. Helpful questionnaires and checklists assist couples in sorting through their individual values and communicating them simply and sincerely. Every aspect of preparing for the ceremony is covered, from composing vows to choosing someone to preside over the service, in addition to destressing techniques for the big day and intense situations leading up to it. VERDICT This no-frills guide to customizing wedding rituals is perfect for those who are willing to put the time and energy into the process.