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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Primary Care

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The book emphasises the collaborative relationship with the patient, explaining the nature of the problem and working out a treatment plan. At the end of each chapter there are useful lists of references and recommended further reading, including leaflets and other useful information for patients. There also many helpful appendices on subjects such as self-help for anxiety, coping with panic attacks, deep muscle relaxation, and Masters and Johnson therapy. Not only does this book describe a form of therapy, but it also enters the debate on the reorganisation of mental health services, advocating A model where a clinical psychologist practitioner is part of the primary health care team.'

- International Journal Of Psychiatry In Clinical Practice

'This is a good resource book, giving information about materials ranging from a CD-ROM on enuresis to contracts for British Airways fear-of-flying courses. On balance, I would say buy it for all your primary carers.'

- Clinical Psychology Forum

'This is a very readable and useful text... a wonderful introductory text for those new to the technique, and offers a basic framework for practice and source of reference for those specialising in other techniques. There are many gems within the book, which is written by a GP and a clinical psychologist... well structured, makes good use of cross-referencing, and contains additional material in the appendices. The book also includes a useful list of contact addresses, suggested further reading and a comprehensive index.'

- Mental Health Care

'A well organised and coherent presentation of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy applied in primary care...the authors have managed to include anxiety, depression, habit and appetite, as well as sexual and relationship problems. Each problem is extensively explored with provision of examples of contracts and clear stages of progression through treatment. A chapter also covers problems of childhood and adolescence, which sensitively and clearly explains approaches to bed-wetting, nightmares and sleepwalking as well as tantrums and feeding difficulties. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is shown to provide clear and positive guidelines for both parents and health workers. This is a valuable book providing both extensive and consistent guidelines for the primary care worker and other professional groups.'

- Psychotherapy and Counselling

Despite increased recognition of the importance of psychological factors in the treatment of physical illness there have been surprisingly few practical guides published on the subject of behavioural therapy in primary care. In 1986, in response to this need, Richard France and Meredith Robson created a practical manual for those with limited time at their disposal, who still wish to use behavioural methods with their patients or clients. Ten years on, 'Behaviour Therapy in Primary Care'(originally published by Chapman and Hall) has become a well established and highly thought of work within this field. In this new and updated guide the authors have incorporated recent research in the area of cognitive behaviour therapy, including:

* advances in the general field of cognitive behaviour therapy

* fundamental changes in certain established problem areas, such as sexual and marital therapy

* additional work in 'core' areas, such as anxiety and depression

* work in problem areas that have recently come to the fore, such as post traumatic stress disorder, HIV and stillbirth/abortion trauma.

France and Robson explore a great diversity of issues within this practical guide, creating a reference work that will be indispensable to those needing a comprehensive introduction to this developing field.
  • Published: Jun 01 1997
  • Pages: 328
  • 233 x 161mm
  • ISBN: 9781853024108
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