Children with Language Impairments

An Introduction
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Throughout the book the author is able to present concisely and accurately rather complex research information about children with language impairments without unduly oversimplifying the issues involved. The scope of the book is therefore particularly appropriate for professionals wishing to find out the basics about language-impaired children, such as educational psychologists and teachers with little experience with such children. Furthermore first- or second-year undergraduate students, as well as parents with an interest in the area, of speech-language pathology will find this book stimulating reading.'

- British Journal of Developmental Psychology

'…a valuable introduction for parents, speech and language therapy students and child care professionals who want to know more about language impairment… very readable.'

- RCSLT Bulletin

'This excellent little book is a scholarly, but very readable summary of child language impairment… it will prove useful for students who require some knowledge in areas of communication impairment such as teachers, nursery nurses, psychologists and medical practitioners…its descriptions and arguments are concise… there is a comprehensive up to date bibliography which would make the book of use to practising speech and language therapists.'

- AFASIC Newsletter

'…a well-written volume that could prove useful for expanding the awareness of professionals in related disciplines… Donaldson has succeeded in providing a brief but well informed overview of language disorders for professionals who deal routinely with children but who have no background in communication disorders. The text's focus would be particularly useful for health care professionals such as general practitioners or physicians' assistants, to assist them in making timely and accurate referrals for language testing and intervention. There is much to be gained by providing professionals from related disciplines with a well written overview of language impairments, and Donaldson's book gives us the means to do so.'

- Topics in Language Disorders

There are many ways of defining and categorising language and communication disorders, and this introduction examines: definitions of language impairments in children; categorising language impairments; methods of diagnosis and assessment; related or accompanying problems; testing methods; and strategies for intervention.

Examining the prevalence of language disorders in children, the book is an important summary of current awareness of language impairments in children. On the basis of research evidence from the literature, it is argued that children with language impairments constitute a heterogeneous group, in terms of the severity of the disorder, the aspects of language ability which are impaired and the extent to which non-linguistic abilities are also affected. This implies that approaches to intervention need to be geared to the strengths and weaknesses of the individual child and therefore that they must be closely integrated with thorough, ongoing assessment procedures. The book offers advice on assessment methods and intervention, and provides a detailed glossary of the most important terminology used.
  • Published: Jul 01 1995
  • Pages: 144
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  • ISBN: 9781853023132
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