Child Abuse and Child Abusers

Protection and Prevention
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Based on both research and practice, this book provides a comprehensive picture of the success, fairness and significance of child protection services for children, parents and individuals. It approaches the problem of child abuse from the various perspectives of those affected (abused children and young people, parents and professionals) and provides information on the characteristics of those who sexually abuse children, including a discussion of the origins of exploitative sexuality. In addition, the authors look at how professionals are responding to or failing to respond to child abuse, multi-disciplinary collaboration, the benefits and shortcomings of prevention and self-help and the changing legal context within which they work as they illustrate the need to develop policies and practices which recognise the importance of protecting children who have been harmed as well as the significance of preventing such harm occurring.
  • Published: May 01 1996
  • Pages: 240
  • 229 x 155mm
  • ISBN: 9781853024085
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Press Reviews

  • Social Work Education

    This is not "just another" book about child abuse. It is a book of breadth and depth... There are extensive references for each chapter... In view of the growing recognition that practice and research with survivors and with their families needs to inform and to be informed by practice and research with abusers, it is good to read a book which addresses issues for these three groups... The best book on child abuse I have read for some time... I am happy to recommend the book to practitioners, trainers and educators.
  • Nursing Times

    Very compact yet comprehensive. Not only is it a good source of information but it raises questions of its own about research and the need for more information regarding abusers. This is a most valuable book for those who work in areas where there are children at risk or with survivors of abuse, in fact, for any professional carer.
  • SCOSAC Newsletter

    This book covers a wide range of issues in child abuse…The main advantage of the book is that it addresses both the conduct of research in child abuse and the use of that research by practitioners. This discussion is placed in an international context and is focus on both the abused and the abuser…it does achieve its aim of setting the discussion in a wider social, legal and professional context.
  • from the Foreword

    By its scholarly quality, [this book] raises a host of questions remaining to be explored... The range and depth of the matters here considered set child abuse in a wide context; social, legal and professional... There is much in this book which affords us a valuable opportunity to stand back and reflect critically on where we stand.