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Character Toolkit Strength Cards

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Growing up presents many challenges and positive learning experiences. Helping young people understand, name and talk about their and other peoples' strengths can improve their relationships with their friends, family, and the wider community.

The interactive Character Toolkit Strength Cards enable children to learn, recognise and express all sides of their character. The cards promote character strengths such as perseverance, grit and leadership alongside moral and civic strengths such as gratitude and kindness.

These cards have been designed to allow teachers, parents and counsellors in coaching settings to explore all character strengths within children. Included is a booklet of different activities that provide suggestions for using the strengths cards. These include activities that encourage children to describe the strength they are most proud of, or how to identify strengths in others around them.

These positive, helpful and authentic strengths cards will be a useful classroom resource, focusing on encouraging the next generation to be their best self.
  • Published: Jun 18 2020
  • 138 x 98mm
  • ISBN: 9781787752733
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Press Reviews

  • Jenny Fraser, Deputy Headteacher, Lancot Challenger Academy

    The cards have been used with children ranging from Nursery to Year 5 and all have been able to engage at different levels. The language used makes them very accessible. The children could talk about resilience as 'bounce-back-ability' and could make links to personal experiences. The content of the cards really helped them to think about their approaches to learning and life. For example, at Lancot, we often talk about being brave in our learning and using the cards such as 'Adventurousness' added depth to this. The prompts on each card proved to be helpful and relevant, as they enabled the adults to begin and sustain the dialogue between groups and with individuals. It's very easy to see the potential for how these cards could be used in a whole-class setting, as well as small groups and one-to-one.
  • Dr Tom Harrison; Reader in Character Education and Lead on the MA Character Education, University of Birmingham

    An important aspect of character education is what might be called virtue literacy. This is that we know and understand what the virtues are as well as why they are important. The Character Toolkit Strength Cards help develop virtue literacy as they bring visibility to the everyday character virtues that are fundamental for individual and societal flourishing.
  • Malinda Young, Associate Principal, LEO Academy Trust

    The Character Toolkit Strength Cards are a fantastic addition to the book Character Toolkit for Teachers. The cards have really helped to explain the character traits in an age appropriate way and the illustrations demonstrate the traits well too. They have been really useful to refer to for home learning too.
  • Dr. Caren Baruch-Feldman, psychologist and author of The Grit Guide for Teens

    Frederika and Elizabeth have hit it out of the park again. I love the interactive Character Toolkit Strength Cards. The activities associated with the cards are super fun and the cards are engaging. I cannot wait to play the cards with my patients and students.
  • Chris Reddy, leadership coach and founder of Bright Leaders

    These cards are simply brilliant. A fun, positive and encouraging way to explore personal characteristics and character strengths. I've used these to support my coaching, teaching and time at home with my family...I've even used them successful in the staff room! Who doesn't like to know what they're good at? These cards provide a fun and explorative way to talk openly about character.