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Can't Eat, Won't Eat

Dietary Difficulties and Autistic Spectrum Disorders
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Finding out that your child has Asperger's Syndrome or Autism can be devastating enough, but when you discover that he or she won't eat 99.9 per cent of all food and drink in the known universe, the fun really starts. This was the situation the author found herself in a decade ago when her son first took a dislike to milk, and then to virtually every other substance she attempted to feed him. Her book was written to reassure other parents that there are lots of people out there in the same boat, and to suggest practical methods of dealing with the problem. As well as drawing on her own experience, the author has spoken to parents, children, and professionals with first-hand knowledge of dietary difficulties, and their advice and comments form a key part of the book.
  • Published: Jan 15 2002
  • Pages: 208
  • 232 x 154mm
  • ISBN: 9781853029745
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Press Reviews

  • Asperger

    Children on the autistic spectrum can be fussy as well as sensitive eaters. This book aims to provide parents facing these particular sort of difficulties with support and advice. I identified with a lot things in this book. If you think that other parents, teachers, and health professionals don't, can't and won't understand what it is to have a child so fussy that they would rather starve than eat something the wrong shape or colour, then if nothing else this book will show you that you are not alone.
  • Melissa Grattan

    I am a mother of a child recently diagnosed with AS. However, I have had feeding problems with him since birth. I feel so wonderful finally realizing that I am not the only crazy parent out there.
  • Metapsychology online book reviews

    Legge provides countless ideas, tips and techniques for helping the child with eating problems. These include a variety of behaviour techniques , bribery, exploiting the child's interests etc. These ideas are wide ranging and probably the most valuable part of the book. They are interspersed throughout the book and are provided by healthcare professionals, the author herself and multiple parents who completed surveys sent out by the author…Overall the book is a valuable resource for parents and professionals interested in helping children with eating difficulties. It is well written, straightforward and easy to read. Ther case studies are interesting, the case studies and suggestions from professionals and other parents is valid and the author's compassion for children struggling with these issues is obvious.
  • Dietetics Today

    This book would almost certainly be helpful for the intended reader as a struggling parent and may be useful for dietitians working with children affected by ASD as it provides an interesting insight into complex obstacles faced by both their parents and the individuals themselves…It offers a wide range of practical strategies.
  • The British Dietetic Association

    Written by the mother of a child with Asperger's Syndrome, this easy to read book is primarily aimed at other parents of children with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) who have also experienced feeding difficulties with their child.
  • The Inside-Story Newsletter

    This is one of a valuable series of books from Jessica Kingsley Publishers on Autism and Asperger's Syndrome. This particular volume, although dealing with some of the horrendous eating problems of children with autistic spectrum disorders, would make enlightening reading for the parents of any 'fussy' eater. The book is based on Brenda's own experience with her 11 year old Asperger's son, but also describes tips and strategies to persuade children to eat, culled from wide ranging surveys of autistic families. Other sections include interviews with autistic children about their food fads, suggestions for dealing with social situations and valuable advice from respected health care professionals working in the field, including the head teacher of a special school.

    Brenda Legge provides a candid account of family life in which her child's comprehensive and unpredictable hostility towards food occupies centre stage…Harry has a highly restricted range of acceptable foods…Only specific brand names, packaging and flavours are tolerated…Change the colour of the container, attempt to sneak in vitamin supplements, and previously accepted food is shunned…There is a grim humour and pragmatism in this mother's approach: forget idealistic notions about nutrition and balanced diets; exploit bribery, reward systems and star charts…I am sure many parents will find this book reassuring, whilst the creative problem-solving required to get reluctant eaters to consume more frequently and more diversely is very much in evidence.
  • Rostrum

    This book is written with the necessary humour of a parent faced with her child's unabated aversion to the vast majority of foods... Readable, jargon free and pragmatic... This book offers supportive information and suggestions to families. It is also a source of invaluable insight for professional stakeholders.