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Breaking Free from Long Covid

Reclaiming Life and the Things That Matter
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Making visible the real effects of Long Covid on people and their lives, this guide explores the issues of living with the condition, helping people to make sense of their experiences on the road to recovery.

Rooted in the author's personal story of having Long Covid since April 2020, the book offers ideas from Narrative Therapy as a lens through which to address the emotional impact of Long Covid, and shares practical strategies for managing symptoms and regaining quality of life.

Acknowledging that recovery is unpredictable, the book sheds light on the often invisible challenges faced by people living with chronic conditions, such as managing pacing and rest in a world that values productivity, the impact of illness on relationships, coping in the context of a pandemic, and negotiating day to day life when you are living between illness and wellness.

Also drawing on the author's expertise as a Clinical Psychologist working in physical health, Breaking Free from Long Covid offers ideas for reconnecting with what matters most to you when illness threatens to take over your life.
  • Published: Oct 21 2022
  • Pages: 192
  • 214 x 138mm
  • ISBN: 9781839973505
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Press Reviews

  • Josh Duntz, CEO and founder of the Stasis Breathing Programme, Mount Sinai Hospital

    An insiders perspective to Long COVID, the nervous system, and evidence-based rehabilitation modalities. A must-read for patients and providers.
  • Llinos Llafar Rollinson, BSc Hons Nursing Studies RN Adult, DipHE RN Child PGDip SPPN

    A must read, a book that I can 100% resonate with as a fellow LC sufferer. To anyone suffering with this debilitating illness or to family, friends and health care professionals, you will gain a greater insight to the life changing effects of the illness. You will no longer feel alone on this journey. Thank you for raising much needed awareness to this frustratingly new illness. Wishing all LC sufferers answers and more poignantly health and recovery.
  • Alice Riley, Living with Long Covid since October 2020

    What a fantastic book! Game-changing for those with Long Covid and those who want to help them. Feeling heard and believed is the only way to find the healing that we all desperately need. Lucy's book provides a pathway full of hope, to follow when you are struggling to make sense of your symptoms.
  • Noah Greenspan, PT, DPT, CCS, EMT-B, Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Clinical Specialist, Director, Pulmonary Wellness & Rehabilitation Complex, New York City

    Lucy Gahan is tough. It was difficult watching her go through month after month of trials and error in an effort to recover from Long Covid. While each patient is on a singular journey, we walk together to try to find common ground and for glimpses of hope along the path and flickers of light as we stare down into the long, dark tunnel. I give Lucy the utmost credit in continuing to move forward, and to search for answers, when at times, it must have seemed impossible. Taking it a step further and wanting to write this book to help those that have come behind her, and unfortunately, will probably come behind them demonstrates Lucy's perseverance and Lucy's humanity.