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Black, Brilliant and Dyslexic

Neurodivergent Heroes Tell their Stories
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Feb 21, 2023

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'My book showcases positive role models for black and people within our wider dyslexic community and society, to inspire current and future generations.'

This is a raw, honest and enlightening collection of experiences, across the black and dyslexic community, giving an intersectional perspective on topics including the education system, the workplace, daily life and entrepreneurship. These stories highlight the challenges, progress, successes and contributions of the black and dyslexic community, helping others to find their voice, feel empowered and be proud of their differences.
It charts journeys from early childhood through to adulthood and, despite the lack of representation within the public arena, how black dyslexic people of all ages are changing the world.
Raising awareness, breaking silences and tackling the stigma around dyslexia and the difficulties stemming from a lack of support. Contributors share how they tackled their unique adversities and provide practical tips for others to live proudly at the intersection of blackness and dyslexia.
  • Published: Feb 21 2023
  • Pages: 240
  • ISBN: 9781839971334
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Press Reviews

  • Shawn Anthony Robinson PhD co-founder of Doctor Dyslexia Dude

    In this timely edited book, "Black, Brilliant and Dyslexic", Marcia Brissett-Bailey provides a must-read edited book, grounded in a counter-narrative as well as autobiographical that showcases the brilliance of Black voices, which have been silent for too long. Historically, the experiences of Blacks have been written from a deficit perspective. Refreshingly, these chapters include sociocultural perspectives, presenting the strong voices of those who have turned their pain into triumph. These narratives are grounded within a culturally responsive lens that address the author(s) Prek-12, college, and employment journey and will give HOPE to future generations of Black students. Marcia Brissett-Bailey has given a platform for other Black's to have their voices heard, honored, and celebrated especially those from underserved and underrepresented communities. Brissett-Bailey's edited book is transformational and sheds light on successful individuals who are Black and dyslexic
  • Joseline Porter, HR Consultant, Mediator, Coach & Facilitator - JP People and Business Solutions LTD.

    This thought-provoking book offers a raw insight into the lived experiences of diverse talents through the lens of a Black person. An invaluable and educational resource for raising awareness of how diverse cultural groups and communities experience Dyslexia differently. A true inspiration and example of the superpowers neurodivergents.