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Binnie the Baboon and the Big Worries

A Story to Help Kids with Anxiety
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Binnie is an energetic baboon, who bounces around the lush green mountains of Rwanda in East Africa. But like many of us, Binnie often feels worried, fearful, and stressed, and these worries can get in her way!

What if she gets lost in the jungle, or her family gets sick? What if no one likes her? Sometimes she even worries about the fact she's worried; and if she isn't worried, well why not?!

This story will help children aged 5-10 and the adults around them to understand why they feel anxious. It describes what children can do to help reduce these feelings and become their very own worry wizards and worry warriors.

About this series: Dr. Treisman's Big Feelings Stories are written for adults to read with kids aged 5-10 to help children to understand their feelings. If you enjoy this book, why not check out Dr. Treisman's Activity Books series; Binnie the Baboon Anxiety and Stress Activity Book features the same story and comes with an abundance of extra guidance for adults and a wealth of creative expansion activities and photocopiable worksheets.
  • Published: Aug 19 2021
  • Pages: 48
  • 294 x 210mm
  • ISBN: 9781839970252
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Press Reviews

  • Dr Fiona Zandt and Dr Suzanne Barrett, authors of Creative Ways to Help Children series and founders of Creative Child Therapy Workshops (

    Binnie the Baboon is an engaging story that introduces children to anxiety. The story is full of colourful characters who each share many helpful ideas for managing worries. This is a great resource that offers a wealth of suggestions for children and parents.