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Baj and the Word Launcher

Space Age Asperger Adventures in Communication
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"Awwwwesommme!" Anda whispered as Baj unfurled the cape.

Baj was speechless as the cape waved and swirled in the air, almost as if it had a life of its own.

Baj lives on the planet Aular and in many ways is like any other kid, but he has trouble keeping eye contact, waiting his turn in conversation and understanding instructions. Will Baj ever get good at working out how other people feel and why? How can he control his "jumbly" words when he's upset or mad?

When Baj is given a special present - a magical communication kit - he has the chance to discover the complex rules of social skills. An invisible Calming Cape comforts his body, making it easier to keep his cool in difficult situations; a Word Launcher guides him in choosing the best words for the situation; and Listening Aids help him spot the most important words when people talk. Do these magical instruments mean Baj will become a strong communicator? And can he learn to communicate without them?

To see, join Baj on his flying bicycle as he ventures on space age adventures in communication!

This entertaining adventure story will capture children's imaginations while exploring the complexities of the social world. Children can read about Baj's experiences independently or with a parent or helper, and the reader can learn about body language and the unspoken rules of communication. Parents and teachers can also use this book to teach social skills to children in storytelling groups. "Stop and Think" questions that pepper the book prompt the reader to think about how they feel and react to events in the story, offering opportunities for individualized learning.
  • Published: May 25 2006
  • Pages: 112
  • 215 x 160mm
  • ISBN: 9781843108306
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Press Reviews

  • Healthy Books

    This is an interesting combination of fiction and therapy... The device of using a science fiction story, which removes the action just that bit from the "earthling", is a good one, and children should respond very well to it. The style is slightly unusual in that it is aimed very specifically at children with AS. Feelings are discussed freely - necessary given the themes of the book.
  • The School Librarian

    Baj has real family adventures, confrontations, successes and failures , and the book is positive and full of humour. It could be read by children from 7 upwards and could also be used with older pupils who have special needs.
  • Michael Jones, Educational Consultant

    What I particularly like about this book is that it is written as a story, but clearly has the youngster with Asperger's Syndrome in mind. At the end of every short chapter there is a Stop and Think box with key questions about the characters' motivations and feelings. I think this book would be a useful addition to the library of any secondary school with youngsters with Asperger's Syndrome or higher level ASD.
  • Play Therapy UK

    For those people working with children who have control and communication problems, this book is a must. It is not too young or easy for 10 or 11 year olds to appreciate but also not too old for younger children. It is well written with places where you can stop and discuss the book together. A wonderful read for parents or workers to read together with a child or a small group.
  • NAGC Newsletter (National Association of Gifted Children)

    A unique and fascinating approach to language and communication skills through story telling. This book can be read independently by children or with the help of an adult. I feel it could have a profound impact on all children with communication problems as well as children who are immature socially and emotionally. Throughout the book "Stop & Think" questions prompt the reader/user to explore feelings, emotions and reactions to a variety of events throughout the story thus encouraging a greater understanding of theirs and others feelings, body language and situations. This book is a great tool for many communication disorders and difficulties not just Aspergers Syndrome.
  • Current Awareness Service

    A science fiction story for children with autistic spectrum disorders, designed to help them overcome various challenges and become strong communicators.