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Autism Spectrum Disorders Through the Life Span

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This professional text covers every aspect of Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD), from science to services, from the most disabling Kanner's syndrome to the most high-functioning Asperger syndrome, and from birth to old age. 

The book contains the latest research on the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, intervention and support of individuals with ASD, and examines their implications at various stages of life. A wide range of neurological, genetic, psychological, developmental, social, and emotional issues are covered, and the author also includes less accessible information on the diagnosis and treatment of associated psychiatric and medical conditions, the overlap between the ASDs and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and the management of behavioural and forensic problems. The author does not presume existing technical knowledge and the background to new methods of assessment, such as functional magnetic resonance imaging, standardized clinical and psychological assessment, and genetic testing, is explained.

This book will be an indispensable primary resource for paediatricians, psychiatrists, clinical and educational psychologists, specialist nurses, counsellors, psychotherapists, legal professionals and others working with individuals of all ages who are on the autism spectrum. It will also be of interest to any carers and people with an ASD who want to know about the up to date research into the causes and treatment of the disorder.
  • Published: Oct 15 2011
  • 256 x 197mm
  • ISBN: 9781843109938
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Press Reviews

  • Irish Journal of Medical Science

    Digby Tantam provides the reader with a well-researched, objective summary of the neurophysiological, genetic and psychosocial theoretical aspects of autism spectrum disorder... A detailed picture of the complexities and difficulties associated with partialling out diorders is outlined, facilitating clinical practice and appropriate treatment plans..well-written book... I would highly recommend this book for anyone who wishes to have a comprehensive overview of autism spectrum disorders.
  • Annali, Dell'Istituto Supreiore di Sanita

    These consideration by Tantam are just a taste of the overall mood that flows through the entire book, his insight and compassion towards people with ASD who struggle every day, recognising that this may be considered an asset... unquestionably an essential resource for all professionals who work with people with an ASD... indispensable reference for students and professionals such as paediatricians, psychiatrists, clinical and educational psychologists, as well as many other professionals working with individuals of all ages with autism... I would recommend this book to anyone, including carers or people with ASD who want to know about the most recent research into the etilogy, treatment and presentation of these disorder.
  • Nursing Standard

    If you only acquire one book on autism, then this should be the one. Digby Tantam is an international expert in the field of autism spectrum disorders and what he does not know about the subject is not worth knowing... Covering all the latest thinking and knowledge with regards to autism, this is a formidable and satisfying read.
  • SEN Magazine

    This substantial textbook brings together all the latest research and clinical practice in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of individuals with autistic spectrum disorders... This book is impressive in its scope.
  • asteens

    Any reasonably educated and determined parent who wishes to gain a better understanding of their child or themselves, a more holistic view of past and present theories would gain from reading this book. .. I probably enjoyed this book more than any other I have read specifically on autism due to the brain research. It is the Ramachandran, the Oliver Sachs of the autism world - a book for academics but also accessible to the educated and determined parent.
  • Dr Lorna Wing, Consultant to the NAS Lorna Wing Centre for Autism

    Digby Tantam has worked with people with autism spectrum conditions for over 30 years. This experience has made him aware of the remarkable variations in the clinical pictures to be found in people on the spectrum. To take just one aspect, they can vary from those with severe or profound learning disability right up to those of remarkably high ability, even genius level, in specific areas. However, the author emphasises that they all share a major problem affecting non-verbal communication. This type of communication he considers essential for the "unconscious link between people". Is this the basis of the social instinct? The author discusses in detail, but with great clarity, what is known of the physical, neurological and genetic findings in people with autism spectrum conditions, and the developmental, social and emotional factors, including changes with age, that have an equally important effect upon the clinical picture. He also discusses the prevalence and methods of treatment. This fascinating, and intriguing analysis of the remarkably diverse picture to be found in autism spectrum conditions makes this book especially unusual in the published literature of the field, and essential reading for both professionals and parents.
  • Richard Mills, Director of Research, The National Autistic Society UK and Research Director, Research Autism, London

    This is a unique and timely contribution to the literature on autism. The National Autistic Society of the UK will be 50 years old in 2012. Many of the children who attended its first school are now approaching old age. In this astonishingly comprehensive and well researched book on autism through the lifespan, Digby Tantam's long and eminent career as a leading academic, researcher and clinician is evident throughout. His thorough examination of the science and the various theories of autism is matched by an engaging and straightforward style that makes even the most complex aspects accessible. His use of case examples also reveals a deep understanding of the true nature of autism - empathy for 'autistic thinking' and recognition of the 'strengths' of autism juxtaposed with recognition of the very real difficulties that may be present. Respect for difference and diversity is noticeably informed by research and a solid first hand clinical background and experience. It is consequently unsentimental, wise and practical. Due to the breadth and depth of this book I would recommend it as an investment that will be invaluable not just for academics, clinicians and researchers but a much wider readership that will include the autistic community and those who support them.
  • Edward R. Ritvo, MD, Professor Emeritus, UCLA School of Medicine

    This authoritative, comprehensive textbook by Professor Tantam, an internationally recognized expert, provides an overview of Autistic Disorder ranging from an historical perspective to our current knowledge of its clinical presentation, life course, underlying pathology, etiology, and treatment. It fills a void in the literature, and I predict it will become "the standard reference" for students, clinicians, and researchers working with Autistic Disorder.
  • Professor Margot Prior AO, FASSA, FAPS, Department of Psychology, University of Melbourne, Australia

    This is probably the most comprehensive and wide ranging book on ASD I have ever read. It is an extraordinarily rich mine of information from neurobiology to treatment, and from infancy to adulthood. 'No stone is left unturned'. An original and perhaps controversial feature is the highlighting of links between ASD and ADHD.