Art Psychotherapy and Innovation

New Territories, Techniques and Technologies

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Art Psychotherapy and Innovation captures the range of activity at the vanguard of practice and research in the field.

Reflecting the sector's increasing focus on ways of fostering psychological health, wellbeing and social engagement in a wider context, it examines how to adapt to an increasing demand for therapeutic interventions worldwide. This includes collaboration with arts and health practitioners to ensure evidence-based practice with safe and ethical therapeutic boundaries and which draws on art psychotherapists' intensive clinical training.
Tethered to the wider context for innovation in art psychotherapy through theoretical discussion, this edited collection presents case studies of innovative work in relation to new territories (client groups and locations), new techniques in approaches to practice, and engagement with contemporary technologies and cross-disciplinary working.
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Press reviews for: Art Psychotherapy and Innovation

David E. Gussak, PhD, ATR-BC—Florida State University, Professor of Art Therapy and Project Coordinator of the FSU/FDC Art Therapy in Prisons Program

Helen Jury and Ali Coles reminds us through these inspiringly organized and innovatively original collection of essays that art psychotherapy needs to constantly evolve to accommodate and assimilate new foci, technological advances and innovations. Truly a required text for these-and all-times.

Dr Patricia Fenner, Associate Professor, La Trobe University

This book demonstrates how much needed innovation, inclusivity and genuine diversity in art psychotherapy is built from voices and knowledges of art therapists across the globe.

Johanna Czamanski-Cohen, PhD, Senior lecturer, University of Haifa

... a timely and refreshing contribution to the theory and praxis of art therapy, taking us on a journey outside the clinic and into the world in which our service recipients live.

Jacqui McKoy-Lewens, MA, Programme Director, Art Therapy Northern Programme, Sheffield

Timely, compelling, inspiring and insightful. The authors demonstrate the versatility of arts therapies and our ability to positively and creatively respond to adverse changes through Art Therapy work across the globe.

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