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Approaches to Case Study

A Handbook for Those Entering the Therapeutic Field
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A practical guide for those working with patients, this book will assist students in settling into their early placements and form a useful reference for those with more experience. Each chapter includes lists of questions which need to be borne in mind when approaching such topics as what is the reason for referral, what exactly is troubling the patient, what is the relevance of family or personal background, and what is the diagnosis, treatment plan and potential outcome.

The book draws on anthropological and biographical as well as medical models, stresses ways of bridging the humanist and scientific approaches, and emphasizes the value of the patient (as well as the therapist) discovering his or her own story.
  • Published: Oct 01 1993
  • Pages: 120
  • 233 x 158mm
  • ISBN: 9781853021824
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Press Reviews

  • Nordic Journal of Music Therapy

    A must for everybody who is writing or thinking about writing case-studies.
  • Group Analysis

    Those readers who find themselves in the early stages of their career in the caring professions...will find this slim volume extremely useful. It is a well-structured book which is very clearly written... This book helps the worker to think constructively about a case from before the referral through to the conclusion of contact. The chapter on 'Case Study and Research' is unique, as it is dealing with the matter in depth as well as being practical.
  • Association of Child Psychology and Psychiatry

    ...a practical guide for those contemplating an initial foray into the world of psychotherapy. Chapters covering the referral process, presenting complaint and aspects of personal and family history, leave one with a wealth of useful questions to have in mind when seeing clients... [the book is] of particular appeal to those working in medical settings who have an interest in reaching a more psychologically-based understanding of their patients.
  • Anne Parry, Physiotherapy

    Although this scholarly, spirited and enjoyable monograph was written for practitioners of psychological as well as arts therapies, it speaks to physiotherapists in a fresh and elegant way... It has caused me to think about the purpose and the format of case studies...I hope that it finds its way on to recommended reading lists.