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An Occupational Therapist's Guide to Sleep and Sleep Problems

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The first book written specifically on clinical applications of sleep and sleep disorder theory for occupational therapists, this book bridges the research to practice gap. Contributors share their expertise, exploring topics such as the relationship between mental health and sleep; how sleep is affected by age, or by specific conditions such as dementia or autism; and how occupational therapists can use their skills and training to improve sleep quality in patients who are suffering from pain, or trauma.

This timely book is essential reading for occupational therapists and students of occupational therapy, covering all of the aspects of sleep and sleep disorders that they will find useful for practice.
  • Published: Feb 21 2015
  • Pages: 368
  • 262 x 198mm
  • ISBN: 9781849056182
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Press Reviews

  • Professor Diane Cox, Chair of the Editorial Board of the British Journal of Occupational Therapy, Professor of Occupational Therapy, University of Cumbria, UK

    I am delighted to see a book specifically about sleep and the role occupational therapists can play in assisting the person to manage the impact of sleep disorder. The range of conditions and perspectives discussed in the book gives depth and breadth to the wide-ranging aspects of sleep and sleep problems and the influence this can have on people's daily lives across the lifespan. I see the book as a useful resource for all occupational therapists from novice to expert.
  • Jennifer Creek, freelance occupational therapist, and author of The Core Concepts of Occupational Therapy

    This new book, addressing sleep from an occupational perspective, is a welcome addition to the literature. Written in an accessible style, it presents a broad picture of current knowledge in the field, providing a wealth of useful information for the occupational therapy practitioner.
  • Dr Charles Christiansen, Occupational Therapy Scholar, Author and Academic

    Like a good night's sleep for the many who need it, this extraordinary book is long overdue, and will be an important addition to any occupational therapist's library. It is comprehensive and well researched, highlighting a vitally important area for contemporary practice.
  • Mary Mountstephen, author, editor

    SEN Magazine
    The authors (...) use a case study approach to illustrate points and provide useful descriptions of common sleep disturbances and the management of intervention programmes, including specific interventions for those with learning difficulties... A number of interventions are discussed and the chapter on children's sleep includes a list of resources for parents and therapists, a guide to some assessment tools and links to relevant organizations.The book covers adult sleep problems as well and links to mental health and difficulties such as dementia.
  • Austrian Occupational Therapy Journal (Ergotherapie)

    The aim of the authors is to help occupational therapists to get an awareness of sleep problems in their patients, to record sleep disorders, and to offer help. In addition, the authors would like to encourage more awareness between sleep patterns and occupation during waking hours... This book is an excellent reference book and highly recommended for all occupational therapists!