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Adult Drug and Alcohol Problems, Children's Needs, Second Edition

An Interdisciplinary Training Resource for Professionals - with Practice and Assessment Tools, Exercises and Pro Formas
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Parental drug use can cause serious harm to children. Adult Drug and Alcohol Problems, Children's Needs supports practitioners in their work with families where parental drug use leads to concerns about children's welfare.

The training resource contains:

· summaries of the key messages for practitioners
· tools and tips to support effective practice
· training and development activities
· practice examples from around the UK.

This second edition has an increased focus on alcohol misuse and reflects recent changes to both policy and practice. The book will be useful for all individuals and agencies involved with families where parents are struggling with substance abuse, including children's social workers, substance misuse workers, primary care and school staff, criminal justice agencies, obstetric and paediatric teams, substitute carers and a range of voluntary and community services.
  • Published: Jul 21 2016
  • Pages: 200
  • 298 x 216mm
  • ISBN: 9781909391253
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Press Reviews

  • Dr. Brynna Kroll, Independent Trainer & Consultant, Senior Assessing Social Worker, Somerset Family Assessment and Support Team and co-author of ‘Parental Substance Misuse & Child Welfare’

    Since its initial publication in 2007, this book has always been one of my favourite texts for training and practice purposes and this welcome newly-updated edition builds on all its strengths. Key debates are placed within a robust research and policy context and a good mix of models, tools and approaches are provided, underpinned by a solid theoretical foundation. Critical areas of engagement, risk assessment, intervention and multi-agency working are addressed, with a strong emphasis on proactive rather than reactive intervention and hearing the family's story. Crucially, the voices of children and young people who live with parental drug misuse are heard loud and clear, as well as those of carers and professionals. Training exercises, briefings, practice examples, case studies and links to other resources combine to produce a valuable resource for health and social care practitioners and trainers. Accessible and easy to read, this is an invaluable resource for anyone working in the complex area of parental substance misuse and child welfare.
  • Dr Aisha Hutchinson, Tilda Goldberg Centre for Social Work and Social Care, University of Bedfordshire

    Research tells us that helping professionals who are not specialist drug and alcohol workers, like social workers, regularly engage with children and families affected by problematic alcohol and drug use. Research also tells us that these practitioners often feel poorly equipped to deal with such complex issues, often with limited specialist knowledge and training. That is why the second edition of Adult Drug and Alcohol Problems, Children's Needs is such a welcome resource, especially as it considers both alcohol and drug use. Based on a research informed model for meeting the needs of children affected by parental substance misuse, the toolkit gives practice tips, models for assessment, tools for reviewing practice, training exercises and much more. Practitioners across the helping professions will find this toolkit relevant and invaluable to support, challenge and develop their day to day practice in this area.