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Adopting after Infertility

Messages from Practice, Research and Personal Experience
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Around three quarters of people who turn to adoption do so because of infertility and those working in this field need information, guidance and support to assist them in the process of adoption to support the adopters and to deal with any issues that may result from infertility.

Adopting after Infertility is an accessible and informative interdisciplinary book that addresses the issues that professionals working with adopters and the adopters themselves face when going through the adoption process and the impact of infertility on their experiences. The book includes chapters on the effects of infertility, why people may choose adoption and the assessment and preparation process. It also covers what an Adoption Panel needs to know about the prospective parents, the experiences of those coming to adoption from minority communities or when living with health conditions and post-adoption support needs. Personal accounts by people who have experienced adopting after infertility are included throughout the book.

This book will be essential reading for professionals and academics from a range of disciplines including social work, psychology, health, mental health and counselling. It will also be invaluable to students studying for post-qualifying awards.
  • Published: Jul 15 2010
  • Pages: 208
  • 228 x 153mm
  • ISBN: 9781849050289
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Press Reviews

  • Seen and Heard

    I would recommend reading the book from start to finish as it is structured to follow the path taken by many adopter. This book does achieve its objective to provide those working in this field with information, guidance and support to assist them in the adoption process and to support adopter; it will be a useful reader to inform practice for professionals, academics and students.
  • Adoption Today

    ADOPTING AFTER INFERTILITY is a highly sympathetic read and in my view one of the best books to cover this complex and soul searching subject for prospective adoptive parents and professionals alike... It is a gentle and empowering book that offers hope and direction whilst cutting through any hypocrisy or platitudes that may smother anyone dealing with infertility... In my view, it is perfect for anyone undecided whether adoption is the journey they wish to pursue, the prospective adoptive parent who has so much to consider, or professionals wishing to gain insight into this area for assessment and understanding of others.
  • Family Futures

    This book is a very helpful guide for assessing social workers and for post-adoption workers on the topic of infertility... This useful book, which includes first hand accounts and has a cross-cultural perspective, should be seen as core reading, particularly for those who are new to the field.
  • BioNews

    This book is a must-read for those with an academic, professional and personal interest in the topic of adoption and assisted reproduction. It provides an accessible, insightful - and at time emotive account - of what it means to be infertile, how the adoption process works, and what it is like to be an adoptive parent.
  • BICA Journal

    The premise of this interesting and much needed text is to understand and begin to fill the gap, identified by the editors, in the research into the "influence of fertility experiences on adoptive family life"...This book is well thought out, well written and up to date, pertinent and accessible. Every Assisted Reproductive Unit should have a copy, and every independent counsellor should read it.