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ABC of Gender Identity

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A is for Agender, B is for Bigender and C is for Cisgender. Welcome to the ABC of Gender Identity!

Gender identity is an important part of who we are, and how we express ourselves in the world. This bright and playful A - Z book is an introduction to 26 different genders, accompanying young readers as they explore and discover their authentic selves.

With simple explanations, a helpful guide for adults by Dr. Michele Angello, and a quirky cast of illustrated characters, this is the perfect book for learning about gender diversity with children age 5+.
  • Published: Jun 21 2021
  • Pages: 64
  • 250 x 250mm
  • ISBN: 9781787758087
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Press Reviews

  • Afsaneh Moradian, M.Ed. author of Jamie is Jamie and Jamie and Bubbie

    ABC of Gender Identity is a valuable resource for adults to use when introducing the gender spectrum to young readers and initiating conversations about gender.
  • Rachel Simon, psychotherapist and author of The Every Body Book

    ABC of Gender Identity is a colorful and playful way to explore gender with young people. It's a great way to begin and facilitate conversations about the expansiveness of gender, and it provides a foundation for acceptance of diversity of identities. Whether this book is used as a tool for self-identification or as encouragement for broadening general understanding, it would make a great addition to an inclusive library.
  • Amie Taylor, Theatremaker, Storyteller and Editor of the LGBTQ Arts Review

    "The ABC of Gender Identity is a valuable resource for anyone wanting to learn more about the many gender identities that exist." Theatremaker and Storyteller Editor of The LGBTQ Arts Review
  • Brook Pessin-Whedbee, author of Who Are You?:The Kid's Guide to Gender Identity

    Brilliant! ABC of Gender Identity is a book that will open minds for children and adults alike. Devika Dalal defines a rich array of terms from cisgender to venngender, with a diverse crew of characters perched upon the letters to keep kids company along the way. The alphabet is not long enough to include all the ways kids might describe themselves, but the guide at the end is sure to help any adult begin a lifelong conversation with their little one.
  • Phoenix Schneider, MSW, Author, and Founder of Coach Phoenix Consulting

    "Unique, fun and engaging approach to introducing and exploring with young children topics surrounding identity and inclusion. Beautifully illustrated with diverse representations of children celebrating being their authentic selves. This is an important book to have in every home for parents and families to empower kids to identify and express their thoughts and feelings related to the infinite possibilities of gender and expression."