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A School for Everyone

Stories and Lesson Plans to Teach Inclusivity and Social Issues
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This discussion tool designed to address pressing social issues for children helps teachers, parents and professionals caring for children to alleviate young people's worries and opens up conversations on tricky topics.

Providing 16 stories told from different perspectives, the book covers social and emotional concerns around far-ranging issues, including refugees, disability, gender diversity and climate change. For each issue raised, the story is followed by a fact file, a set of interactive activities, lesson plans and a bank of resources to further enhance understanding and promote empathy.
  • Published: Sep 21 2021
  • Pages: 160
  • 294 x 208mm
  • ISBN: 9781787755666
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Press Reviews

  • Dr Wendy Sims-Schouten, Reader (Associate Professor) in Childhood Studies, University of Portsmouth

    This is an excellent and much needed resource for teachers and affiliated professions for promoting inclusive practice around a range of social issues in schools. I especially like the eclectic range of case studies and teacher resources covering key issues, including (cyber)bullying, bereavement, mental health issues, gender and race equality!
  • Prof Patrick Leman, University of Waikato, Pro-Vice Chancellor and psychologist

    A School for Everyone is exceptional, and will perhaps become an invaluable tool for teachers and parents - relevant, topical and non-patronising scenarios, complemented with thoughtful and engaging activities and a comprehensive list of further resources. This book is for those who want to do more than pay lip-service to social and moral education, and really make a difference!
  • Prof Carmel Cefai, University of Malta

    In this practical guide, the authors provide a toolkit on how educators can create more compassionate, caring and inclusive schools and classrooms 'for everyone', particularly the most vulnerable and marginalised students. The topics are very well grounded in the social changes taking place in society today, providing a range of situations where children from different backgrounds or different experiences may experience difficulties in their development. Each topic is skilfully introduced through a story followed by a set of experiential activities which may be implemented in the classroom, and a list of available resources. This is an excellent, invaluable resource for the classroom teacher as they strive to foster understanding and empathy in increasingly diverse classrooms and schools.
  • Kareen O’Brien, Headteacher

    Every primary teacher needs this book. Jones, Cowie & Tenenbaum have written an engaging and easily accessible collection of short stories that tackle challenging issues, underpinned by rich research. The stories and follow up activities will be effective with groups, whole class and in school assemblies. I can't wait to use this in my school.