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A Sad and Sorry State of Disorder

A Journey into Borderline Personality Disorder (and out the other side)
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[This] is me offering hope, if that is what is needed, whether you suffer from borderline personality disorder or care for someone who does. It is me making an effort to raise awareness of this very misunderstood mental illness.

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is often considered difficult, if not impossible to treat by medical professionals. This can make the situation seem hopeless to those who are diagnosed with BPD. Based on her own experience of living with BPD, Tracy Barker shares how she has learned to manage the condition and live a full life.

With poetry used to capture her lowest moments, this book gives an unfiltered look into life with BPD. Tracy shares how she has gone from being in full-time therapy to happily married, offering hope to those living with BPD, and providing awareness of the condition to their families and friends.
  • Published: Jun 21 2017
  • Pages: 96
  • 198 x 130mm
  • ISBN: 9781785923319
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Press Reviews

  • Alison Matheson, Psychotherapist, Oxfordshire Counselling

    This thoughtful and enormously readable book presents a valuable insight for clinical practitioners and for anyone impacted directly or indirectly by borderline personality disorder. The author offers a real opportunity to gain an understanding of both the emotional and clinical elements of borderline personality disorder. Her very personal and moving insight into the emotions and responses experienced, demystifies an often-misunderstood disorder.
  • Dr Heather Castillo, Independent Consultant and author of 'Personality Disorder Temperament or Trauma?' and 'The Reality of Recovery in Personality Disorder'

    It was such a pleasure to read this book. It is beautifully written, both the prose and the poetry. This is a first-person account, from someone diagnosed with personality disorder, which offers understanding and hope and which will speak to many people.
  • Ben Ballin, Education Consultant

    What a pleasure it was to read this honest and heartfelt book. The author writes eloquently about what a struggle being a 'borderliner' has been, but importantly makes it possible for a general reader to make a connection, drawing them in with empathy and a degree of understanding. It tells a powerful story very clearly, without self-indulgence (despite being such a personal testimony) and makes for thoughtful and enriching reading.
  • Dan Knowles, CEO, Oxfordshire Mind

    Tracy is a talented writer and poet, and this heartfelt book will be of use and interest to anyone who suffers from, or knows someone who suffers from, personality disorder. The book is honest, engaging, and upbeat - Tracy shows her journey and the steps on the way to a much happier and fulfilled life. The lows are very low, but her strength, talent, and determination shine through, and anyone else feeling low can only be inspired by her story. Highly recommended.
  • Lucy Spraggan, singer-songwriter

    This book is a tremendous insight into the mind of someone with borderline personality disorder; it delves into the dark (and light) truths of the disorder, revealing symptoms that so many encounter but very few discuss.