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A Practical Guide for Teachers of Students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder in Secondary Education

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Students on the autism spectrum often face difficulties in the secondary education environment that result from a lack of awareness on the part of their teachers and peers. This guide acquaints teachers with all the information and practical tools needed to understand and support their students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

The book presents specific, ready-to-use classroom initiatives with example worksheets, checklists and timetables to help students keep organised with their school work. It also covers general obstacles such as social situations, anxiety, mental health issues and extracurricular activities and how adults can help. Guidance about the leaving school stage and how to ensure the teen is equipped to make the best possible decisions about their future is included.

Packed with useful information and examples, this book will be a lifesaving resource for teachers, and everyone else working in secondary education, who want to help their students with autism to stay focused and positive at school.
  • Published: Jun 15 2012
  • Pages: 160
  • 228 x 150mm
  • ISBN: 9781849053105
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Press Reviews

  • Professor Rita Jordan, PhD, OBE, Emeritus Professor in Autism Studies, University of Birmingham, UK

    “This book provides practical guidance for those engaged in the education of young people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in secondary education. It is clearly written, based on best practice, and takes a 'can do' attitude to what the youngsters can achieve and how mainstream staff can understand and support them. It is full of helpful strategies and examples. This book meets a gap in the literature and will help improve life for young students with ASD and those who educate them.”
  • Kirstina Ordetx, Ed.D, CNS, Owner of Pinnacle Academy, CEO of the Center for Autism Resources and Education, Director of Developmental Behavior Services at Advanced ABA, Southwest Florida and author of Teaching Theory of Mind

    “This is a valuable manual for professionals who will be guiding their students through an important chapter in life. The authors provide a wealth of practical methods for engaging students with autism and highlight them in case examples throughout the book. It is an important resource for teachers who are supporting adolescence, secondary education, and transitions into early adulthood. The integrated approach will help the educational team to facilitate person-centered planning, to be sensitive to an array of issues that may arise, and to implement strategies to promote the student's overall success. This book is like a teacher training and support group all wrapped into one package. The outcomes of reading it are plentiful, but the most important result is a student who is better understood.”
  • Dr Jacqui Ashton Smith, Executive Principal, Robert Ogden School And Helen Allison School, National Autistic Society

    “People on the autism spectrum perceive the world differently and therefore learn differently. To enable them to access the curriculum, they have to be taught differently and this becomes more challenging for teachers as the pupil progresses through their school careers. This book provides secondary education teachers with case examples that translates theory into day to day classroom strategies and practice. This book is easy to understand and is rich with practical suggestions on how best to support students on the autism spectrum to reach their fullest potential.”