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A Guide to Therapeutic Child Care

What You Need to Know to Create a Healing Home
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A Guide to Therapeutic Child Care provides an easy to read explanation of the secrets that lie behind good quality therapeutic child care.

It describes relevant theories, the 'invisible' psychological challenges that children will often struggle with and how to develop a nurturing relationship and build trust. Combining advice with practical strategies, the book also provides specific guidance on how to create safe spaces (both physical and relational) and how to aid the development of key social or emotional skills for children which may be lacking as a result of early trauma.

Written with input from foster carers, the book is an ideal guide for residential child care workers, foster carers, kinship carers, social workers and new adoptive parents.
  • Published: Jan 21 2016
  • Pages: 240
  • 228 x 150mm
  • ISBN: 9781849054010
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Press Reviews

  • Gillian Ruch, Professor of Social Work, University of Sussex

    This is a little gem. Honest and engaging, optimistic and realistic, respectful and challenging this accessible and invaluable book thoughtfully explores the everyday experiences and practices that arise in caring for children with traumatic and distressing histories. Adopters, foster carers and practitioners will find the experience of reading it simultaneously intellectually informative and emotionally nurturing.
  • Kevin Williams, CEO The Fostering Network

    This is a really good guide, easy to read and great for dipping in and out of. I particularly liked the 'Pause for Reflection' ideas that help the reader think of examples that they have. Some really good examples of how all children behave at times but particularly children in foster care. I think foster carers will find it a useful tool.
  • Robbie Gilligan, Professor of Social Work and Social Policy, Trinity College Dublin

    This book is filled with a wisdom, compassion and warmth that will inspire carers in their relationships with troubled children. It is a treasure trove of insights about how to understand and respond positively to what lies behind challenging behaviour. The authors draw from a deep well of know-how and experience. They write accessibly - and in a way that rings true on every page. Here is a book that genuinely will help carers to change children's lives.
  • Patrick Tomlinson, Professional and Organization Development Specialist

    This book provides an excellent resource for introducing foster and residential carers to therapeutic child care. It is thorough and covers all of the central subjects involved in looking after children in 'out of home' care. It would make a very useful tool for supervision and training, where the material could be used as a focus for reflective discussions. Encouraging a reflective approach is the strength of the book. Pause and reflect is a theme throughout, with sections in each chapter focusing on feelings that might arise in the work and practical suggestions on what might be helpful. The authors argue that home and everyday care are the most important things in the child's healing. They have provided carers and those who support them with a great resource in achieving that worthy goal.
  • Dr. Thom Garfat, Instructor, School of Child and Youth Care, Ryerson University

    The greatest compliment I could give to a book is "Damn, I wish I had written this book myself" and with regard to this book, I would like to say "Damn, I wish I had written this book myself". This book is brilliant, in both the UK and North American sense. It makes the complex clear - it makes theory practical and accessible. It speaks directly to those who work with traumatized young people while, at the same time, it speaks to the world of the practitioner. It focuses not only on the world of the traumatized child but also on the experience of everyone who is a part of the context of the encounter between child and carer. This book is an exceptional resource for students, teams and individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of young people living with trauma experiences. It is full of helpful examples, the 'practice examples' bring the knowledge home to the everyday experiences of carers. It emphasizes the importance of both parties to the healing relationship. It is a wonderful resource for those who work with, teach about, or study the effect of trauma on youth. It is written in clear and accessible language. It is, simply, brilliant and I wish I had written this book.