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A Creative Toolkit for Communication in Dementia Care

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How can carers and relatives support a person's identity, relationships and emotional wellbeing through changes that occur in the later stages of dementia?

Drawing on over ten years' experience of working with people with dementia, Karrie Marshall provides a toolkit of tried and tested creative activities to support communication and relationships. Activities are vast and varied, with outdoor activities such as bird-watching and star-gazing aimed at supporting physical health, artistic activities such as collage creation to support identity, and musical activities such as sounds and voice warm-ups to support self-expression.

Marshall also sensitively covers end of life care for people with dementia, explaining how emotional support can be provided through gentle breathing activities and even puppetry, as well as covering the legal importance of power of attorney.
  • Published: Dec 21 2015
  • Pages: 200
  • 229 x 169mm
  • ISBN: 9781849056946
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Press Reviews

  • Julie Simmons, Adult Learning Strategy Officer, High Life Highland, Inverness

    This book offers a different perspective in caring for those with dementia. Through a creative approach the author shows how it is possible to make connections and build relationships, with and without words. The process is described step-by-step, making it a valuable resource for anyone involved or interested in this field of work.
  • Berna Huebner, Founder and Director, Hilgos Foundation

    A Creative Toolkit for Communication in Dementia Care is a valuable resource for caregivers. You'll learn important tips for connecting and better communication with someone who has dementia. The book is inspirational, practical, and educational. It demonstrates how creative communications in caregiving can support the well-being of people with dementia.
  • Tommy Dunne, person living with dementia

    As a person with dementia I know many of my peers will lose the ability to verbally communicate, but that does not mean we lose our intelligence. It is pleasing to know that the importance of non-verbal language is highlighted in this book. Ignorance, social isolation and boredom are issues we face. But by following the great advice in this book you will have the necessary toolkit to give people every opportunity to communicate and take part in worthwhile physical and mental activities that will bring hours of enjoyment for the person with dementia and, just as importantly, you the carer.
  • Keith Walker, Executive Director, Befrienders Highland Ltd

    Each person's experience of dementia is unique. This book, based on many years of first-hand experience, will help us all to find our own unique way to use creative approaches in caring. It will be an invaluable resource to support and inform our work.
  • Bob Kahn

    Bob’s Books
    This book is outstanding-worth buying, worth borrowing from the library, worth reading carefully.