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Trauma-Informed Art Activities for Early Childhood

Using Process Art to Repair Trauma and Help Children Thrive
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Covering the fundamental principles of art therapy informed activities, this easy-to-use resource delves into the importance and usefulness of art in early childhood development to heal trauma. Full of practical activities, techniques and downloadable lesson plans, this resource is ready for use in your educational and therapeutic environments.
  • Published: Apr 18 2024
  • Pages: 192
  • 278 x 214mm
  • ISBN: 9781839974687
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Press Reviews

  • Kathryn Murray, Founder of Future Strong Education

    Anna Reyner has captured the essence of wonderful art teaching practices using her conversational, easy to read approach. Her deep knowledge base, wide experiences, personal stories, fun quizzes and very practical art solutions puts her book into the 'must read' category. Anna sings the song of joyful art practices that can be used to understand trauma, soothe emotions, and calm the body and mind. The relevance of using art to support children (and adults) who have experienced trauma is insightful and very important in today's world. This book will change lives.
  • Dawn D’Amico; LCSW, PhD educator and author

    Ms Reyner's work puts a new informed perspective on art therapy. Her work is creative, easy to read and adoptable for early childhood programming. Reyner's work is robust, creative and will certainly be a great help for young children who have endured traumatic situations.
  • Ping Ho, MA, MPH – Founder and Director, Arts & Healing Initiative

    In this rare find, early childhood expert and art therapist Anna Reyner empowers us with a broad understanding of trauma, how it can manifest in art, and how art can be used to build resilience. She leaves no stone unturned in sharing her expertise with the public - even shedding practical light on red flags in art and how art therapists interpret drawings. Every early childhood educator should have this book.
  • Cathy Salser, Artist and Founder of Trauma healing programme: A Window Between Worlds

    Anna Reyner has given us a generous gift that dares us all to make a difference. This must-read primer on using art as a tool for healing effortlessly translates cutting-edge therapeutic insights on the neuroscience of art into practical and achievable actions. Readers of all backgrounds will find it an enjoyable read that is jam-packed with useful suggestions to support the creative spirit in all of us."