Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference 2022

Jessica Kingsley Publishers is an award-winning company, committed to publishing books that make a difference. An imprint of Hachette UK, we publish books of the highest quality for professional and general readers in a range of special needs subjects. We are well known for our long-established lists on the autism spectrum, on social work and child welfare, and on mind and body care, including yoga therapy and mindfulness.

Our gender diversity books are an extension of this larger mission, addressing the unique needs and circumstances of this most special group. Whether it is the transgender or gender queer child who finds strength, voice, and understanding within the pages of a favorite book; a loved one seeking to better understand the emotional and social stresses of a parent, child, friend, or partner in transition; or a counselor looking to deepen clinical interactions with gender-diverse clients, it is our hope that JKP gender diversity books find their way onto every bookshelf where they are needed.

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