British Values and the Prevent Duty in the Early Years

A Practitioner's Guide

The development of new policy on the British Values and the Prevent Duty in the early years has raised many questions about appropriate implementation. As a formal part of the Early Years Foundation Stage, educators are now required to deliver this instruction in classrooms, nurseries, and other early years settings. In response, Kerry Maddock has established an informed practitioners guide with strategies to interpret and implement this legislation into the early years environment. Through case studies, research, and interviews with OFSTED inspectors, the author provides a detailed explanation of the Prevent Duty, as well as what the government means by promoting fundamental British values and sets our clear guidance and an in-depth framework in delivering these in every day practice. A combination of early childhood philosophy with educational policy expertise, make this an essential handbook for professionals working in an early years setting.
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Press reviews for: British Values and the Prevent Duty in the Early Years

Kate Howarth, Nursery owner and manager

An excellent, informative resource for all those working in early years. It is written in a style that is easily understood and that practitioners of all levels can learn from and relate to. This book will be an invaluable support within the setting.

Elisia Lee, Early Years Consultant

This is a clear, no-nonsense approach to understanding and implementing British Values within early years settings. It explores historical perspectives and supports reflective thinking in practitioners, giving guidance on practical application to enhance best practice.

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