Can I Tell You About Forgiveness?

A Helpful Introduction for Everyone

Meet Joseph - Joseph is curious to understand more about forgiveness. He lost his sister's brand new football. Although she forgave him, he feels really bad. Can he forgive himself? He told his friend Billy a big secret, but Billy has betrayed his trust and told other kids at school. Should he forgive Billy, especially when he is yet to say sorry? Joseph's friend George is being bullied at school by Jasper. If George forgives Jasper, could Jasper go on to bully others in the future?

This illustrated book is the ideal conversation starter for children aged 7+ to explore what forgiveness means, what it is and isn't and when it might and might not be appropriate.
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The Very Revd. Dr. Stephen Hance, Dean of Derby, editor of ‘Forgiveness in Practice'

Forgiveness can be a difficult topic for adults and children alike, sometimes adding new layers of anxiety and guilt to the pain of being hurt. Through story, this book helps children, young people, and those who care for them to explore the forgiveness journey wisely and well.

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