Working with People with Learning Disabilities

Theory and Practice

A comprehensive introduction to working with people with learning disabilities, this guide provides the theoretical understanding needed to inform good practice and to help improve the quality of life of people within this group. Using accessible language and case examples, the authors discuss both psychological and practical theories, including:

* person-centred and behavioural approaches

* anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive approaches

* systems theory

* task centred approach

* role theory.

Emphasising empowerment and inclusion of those with learning disabilities, they relate theory to issues such as loss and bereavement, sexuality and social stigma. They also provide guidance for practitioners on social policy and legislation and explore crisis intervention, values and ethics, advocacy and joint agency work, making this an extremely useful resource for social workers, nurses, teachers care workers and others working with people with learning disabilities.
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Press reviews for: Working with People with Learning Disabilities

Children, Young People and Families

Readers of this Journal will find the book of value in helping them to understand the social model of care and gain a sound awareness of the strategies, potential dilemmas and barriers to effective practice.

British Journal of Occupational Therapy

This is a straightforward and accessible text and an invaluable resource to people with limited experience of working with adults with learning disability. It would also be beneficial as a reference book for experienced occupational therapists who wish to improve their knowledge on different learning disability theories.

British Journal of Developmental Disabilities

The style is user friendly, with many telling vignettes to illustrate practical points of intervention and support. Valuable to students and those practising in the field who wish to update their approaches to the people and families with whom they work.

Wspolne Tematy

This book is written in clear and understandable language, examples from practice, illustrating the theory are of additional help

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