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Vincent the Vixen

A Story to Help Children Learn about Gender Identity
  • Author
    • Alice Reeves
  • Illustrator
    • Phoebe Kirk
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  • Published: Mar 21 2018
  • Pages: 48
  • 218 x 213mm
  • ISBN: 9781785924507
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Press Reviews

  • Fox Fisher, film-maker, artist, and trans campaigner

    Beautifully illustrated and a simple introduction to the complex topic of gender, gender identity and gender expression. Offers children and their parents an easy way to start a conversation about gender. Humanising trans issues through anthropomorphic wild-life.
  • Aimee Challenor, Equality Campaigner, Political Spokesperson, Pride Trustee

    This is a wonderful children's? book. A really useful resource for discussing diversity, and gender identity with young people. A definite must-read for anyone discussing diversity, gender, or LGBT issues.
  • Raise Them Righteous

    This text is a needed contribution to LGBTQ* children's literature. The inclusion of an adult transgender character able to help Vincent the Vixen reach self-awareness in a positive way is critical to conversations about LGBTQ youth who frequently grow up in cisgender heterosexual households where a lack of common experience, regardless of the best intentions, can lead to feelings of isolation. This is an impressive text that accommodates even the youngest readers while introducing important ideas into the emerging canon of LGBTQ* children's literature.