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Students' Mental Health Needs

Problems and Responses
  • Editors
    • Nicky Stanley
    • Jill Manthorpe
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Student life is a time of change and adjustment, and students' families as well as staff need resources to help them provide support for students experiencing mental health difficulties. Based on recent research findings and drawing on the experiences of professionals, academics and service users, this book explores how the needs of students can best be met by student and community mental health services.

The contributors examine, in practical detail, how campus-based agencies can work with the voluntary sector, community practitioners and students' families to provide effective support for students with mental health problems. They place their discussion in the context of structural and economic changes in further and higher education and society and discuss the impact on students' mental health of factors such as family relationships, debt and financial difficulties, drug and alcohol abuse and academic challenges.

Including chapters on responding to student suicide and on faith and spirituality in relation to mental health, this is a valuable resource for those supporting students experiencing mental health problems and all those working in the field of student welfare.
  • Published: Jan 15 2002
  • Pages: 272
  • ISBN: 9781853029837
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Press Reviews

  • Psychiatric Bulletin

    `This book has much to interest those who work in higher education or who have an interest in improving access to educational services for their patients.'
  • Mental Health Occupational Therapy

    `Overall, this is a clear and well-presented book that certainly comes as a timely resource,as increasing numbers of students seek professional help to combat personal crisis. It should be readily available to all those supporting students experiencing mental health problems and to those working in student welfare.'
  • Health Matters

    `This volume makes a valuable contribution to the literature on mental health issues, and will be especially valuable for those working in the HEI Sector.'
  • Association for University and College Counselling Journal

    `This is a timely contribution to the topic of student mental health in our colleges and universities, and a very useful reference at a time when many institutions are beginning to develop policies under the new Disability and Discrimination Act…It gives significant and valuable pointers to the way institutions need to develop policy, raise awareness and make delivery of services coherent…It is a very useful addition to the bookshelf for counsellors and has much wider potential to raise awareness within the university or college as a whole.'
  • Young Minds Magazine

    `The study highlights the importance of an institutional approach where all staff have a degree of understanding and expertise of mental health needs, and are adequately trained and supported by their colleagues from the support services.'
  • Pendulum

    `This book provides a holistic approach to tackling student's mental health needs. This book fills a major vacuum on the subject of students' mental health. It contains substantial insights to deepen our understanding and reinforce our action on a subject which continues to receive inadequate attention from university institutions and other relevant bodies.'