Children as Citizens: Education for Participation

The social, moral and cultural development of children is a central concern for all schools. This book, which draws on the voices of children and practising teachers, demonstrates how such development can be promoted through children's readiness to discuss, debate and actively participate as young citizens. The various contributors, from Britain, other European countries and Australia, show how teachers can, as part of this process, develop young people's understanding of social justice, global responsibility, human rights, and, particularly, the rights of the child. In addition, contributors offer a critical appraisal of citizenship education with regard to such issues as disability, economics, the environment, racism and power sharing in schools. The book is thus timely, supporting teachers in the education of children for life as responsible adults, with social skills and values appropriate for the twenty-first century.

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Press reviews for: Children as Citizens: Education for Participation

British Educational Research Journal

The contributors to Children as Citizens: Education for Participation, edited by Cathie Holden and Nick Clough, are concerned with issues of equality, power and democracy. Their key questions are how children can be assisted (even taught) to become active citizens and what the obstacles are in the way of such participation - most of the chapters of Children as Citizens describe work in classrooms. It is principally this aspect of the book that will make it a welcome addition to the resources of teachers and student teachers.

Pastoral Care

The book would be useful for anyone involved in curriculum development who needs practical examples of ways to implement the Citizen 2000 initiative. It draws together models, ideas and much pratical material that can be used across all p hases, subjects and in a range of schools. The book encourages thought about pupil participation and argues for schools to be more proactive and innovative.

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