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Babies Are Noisy

A book for big brothers and sisters including those on the autism spectrum
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When Andre starts to notice Mummy's tummy getting bigger, it's the start of lots of changes for his family. My Baby is on his way and he's bringing lots of noise with him!

This engaging illustrated children's book is ideal for preparing young children age 3+ on and off the autism spectrum for the arrival of a new brother or sister. Covering everything from trips to the hospital, what to expect when the baby arrives and the fun, family times to look forward to, 'Babies are Noisy' is mindful of how children with autism think, learn and experience the world and is full of strategies for coping with the sensory issues and routine changes that a new baby brings.

Reflecting the real life situations that families with a child with autism find themselves faced with, this book can be read with parents and professionals to prepare the child for the arrival of their new sibling.
  • Published: Sep 28 2013
  • Pages: 40
  • 220 x 220mm
  • ISBN: 9781849054591
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Press Reviews

  • Red Reading Hub by Jill Bennett

    Such is the sensitivity with which the book is written, there is a real sense of it being a child with autism's voice in this account. The illustrations too have a child-like style. All in all, this unassuming book will be of great benefit to families and professionals working with children particularly those on the spectrum, as part of the preparation for the arrival of a new baby.
  • Midwest Book Review

    A special book for expectant families written from the viewpoint of an older sibling with autism spectrum tendencies. Many special tips and adaptive techniques are simply described or referred to in "Babies are Noisy," such as carrying a tissue with a favorite scent into a strange or clinical environment, using a picture diary to explain the sequence of events in an office visit, or taking along a calming toy such as familiar soft ball... "Babies are Noisy" is written by an expert in autism spectrum children and is a very helpful tool for expectant families.
  • Dr Caroline Smith, B.A, M.A, Doc Ed Psych., Chartered Educational Psychologist

    This is a charming and sensitive book. It focuses, from the sibling's perspective, on the periods before and after the birth of a new baby, a new family member. It details the smells, sights and sounds which often pervade the world of small children and may overwhelm the senses of a child with autism. For parents the book provides a very careful prompt, not only of the social and sensory challenges the sibling might experience but also flags up helpful and practical ways of avoiding upset where possible and preparing for change. As an author myself in the area of autism and a former Principal Educational Psychologist with specialism in Early Years and Autism, I feel this book will provide a very useful tool for a range of professionals and parents alike.
  • Communication

    Anne-Marie Harrison has identified a real need for autism-friendly reading on this subject. It is a positive, solution-focused book that would bring pleasure to children, as well as help parents.
  • Jenny Handley, NAS EarlyBird Trainer and Occupational Therapist

    Anne-Marie Harrison's inspiring book is a great tool for helping to reassure and inform children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder of the likely changes and impact of welcoming a new baby into the family. This insightful account of real life situations offers parents an increased understanding of the sensory differences and ways in which people with Autism experience the world. In particular this book lends itself as a 'go to' guide for families, which could be easily picked up and consulted with, offering a range of practical strategies and suggestions.
  • Youth in Mind

    Parents-to-be, who have an older child with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, will find this insightful book a useful guide to helping prepare their child for the new arrival. Sensitively written, this positive and practical book is likely to be fun for children and their parents to read together.