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Autistic Adulting

Real World Guidance for Autistic Adults and Allies
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Welcome to your companion guide to navigating life as an autistic adult!

In a world seemingly tailor-made for neurotypical people, 'Autistic Adulting' is a treasure trove of indispensable tools and real-life guidance that will help you to navigate the trials and tribulations of adulthood and thrive.

Across 50 bitesize chapters, this uplifting and accessible book covers everything from embracing your identity and taking good care of yourself to building and maintaining relationships, starting a career, navigating the big and small parts of life, and more. Through personal experience, helpful tips, affirmations, and more, autistic and ADHD self-advocate Callum Stephen Howes aims to empower autistic individuals and educate allies.

Callum delves deep into the heart of the matter to teach you how to empower yourself, validate your own life experiences and emphasise that life as an autistic adult in a neurotypical world can be joyous and fulfilling.
  • Published: Oct 21 2024
  • Pages: 350
  • ISBN: 9781839977510
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Press Reviews

  • Danielle Punter, author of Parenting Rewired and Autism & Anxiety

    Reassuring, validating, eye opening! The perfect book to help any autistic adult understand themselves and the world around them. Howes gives a spirited yet comforting outlook on life for anyone wanting to live authentically. Fantastic.
  • Lauren Melissa Ellzey, Autistic self-advocate and author of Gimmicks and Glamour

    Howes's book combines first-hand lived experience, wisdom gained by engaging in community with Autistic folks, and research studies into a robust, detailed, and organized bevy of advice on how to adult as an Autistic person. From the get-go, he makes it clear that there are no two Autistic individuals who are exactly the same, and yet the tips he shares are applicable to innumerable scenarios -- all shared from a much-needed, Autism-affirming standpoint. His practical advice is perhaps most poignant for Autistic individuals who are piecing together a sustainable, self-compassionate adult life, including but not limited to navigating the ins-and-outs of the workplace, living independently or interdependently, and cultivating new friendships and relationships. Autistic Adulting is easy to read, whether from cover to cover, or by thumbing through with the guidance of the table of contents. The mix of storytelling, bulleted lists of tips, and ideas for how allies can support are written clearly, succinctly, and accessibly. What is most refreshing about Howes's account is that the advice on hand is not meant as a checklist of steps that Autistic folks should take in order appear more neurotypical to the outside perspective. Howes speaks as one Autistic person to another and as a friend wanting to collaborate alongside Autistic adults who are seeking to authentically be the best Autistic person they can be -- however each unique individual defines that.
  • Charlotte Bergslien, @thespectrumgirl The Spectrum Girl

    A must read! 'Autistic Adulting' by Callum Stephen Howes holds invaluable tips and advice for autistic individuals and allies. Callum writes in an accessible way which makes it an harmonious reading experience. As we get bits of his lived experience as an autistic, he still manages to keep his objectivity on the various topics. This book is a beacon of understanding and empowerment everyone in the autism community.