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An Animated Introduction to Asperger Syndrome

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* Winner of the International Animation Award at the Edinburgh Mental Health and Arts Festival 2008*

Living with Asperger's Syndrome can be difficult, and explaining it to others can often seem more of a challenge than coping with AS itself. This short, simple and accessible film explains through a series of lively animations what AS is, what it feels like and how it can be helped, in a way that is both informative and easy to understand.

Created by children in conjunction with professional animators, this highly entertaining film concisely summarises the basics of AS, enabling viewers of all ages to gain a real insight into the condition in less than half an hour. Covering everything from common talents of those with AS to skills and activities they might find more difficult, the film looks at life as an Aspie from a variety of different perspectives. Using a winning combination of humour and frank discussion to explore AS, the DVD comprises a main feature film, which is complemented by an array of vox pops, interviews, slideshows, and other additional material, documenting how the film was made and further exploring what AS means to different people.

This insightful and innovative DVD will be of interest to everyone wishing to learn about AS, from children in schools, to families of those with the disorder and professionals working alongside them. It is an ideal first step towards understanding Asperger's Syndrome.
  • Published: Jul 15 2010
  • ISBN: 9781849051347
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Press Reviews

  • SEN Magazine

    Its lively presentation uses cartoons, interviews and slideshows to explore the concept of Asperger's syndrome from the perspective of young people. It draws on their experiences of difficulties with relationships, social events, bullying and, for example, issues around coping with different flavours and textures of food on the same plate... With a running time of 30 minutes, it is short enough to sustain interest and it uses this time most effectively to stimulate follow up discussion.
  • AS Teens

    I felt that the style and simple information geiven was most appropriate for the education of a young, non-Asperger audience... The young people were very articulate, likeable and not obviously different which meant that they were the ideal ambassadors for Aspergers. One young man expressed how he felt relatively normal and that it was uncomfortable to be associated with the more 'abnormal and weird' images of aspergers. This is an extremely valid point and it is the portrayal of aspergers as almost subnormal that essentially excludes the more 'normal' people with aspergers from engaging in any help that is available. The interview section of the DVD was full of snippets which I felt really represented what it means to have aspergers and I particularly liked what one young man said, 'the world is a beautiful place... the people who are running it and the people yu meet sometimes are idiots' as this sounds like something my own son might say...I thinkthat this DVD is ideal for a young person who is newly diagnosed and has never heard of aspergers or as a tool to educate neuro-typical children.