Postnatal PTSD

A Guide for Health Professionals

Postnatal PTSD, often referred to as birth trauma, is an underdiagnosed and misunderstood condition. Often mistaken for postnatal depression and with 4% of women developing the condition after giving birth, it is essential that health professionals learn to recognise and prevent postnatal PTSD.

The book supports professionals to better understand, recognise, treat and help prevent birth trauma. It covers the impact of postnatal PTSD on bonding and relationships, birth trauma in Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, how to support women having another baby and more.

An accessible guide to supporting parents with postnatal PTSD, this book is essential reading for healthcare professionals and those involved with the birthing process.
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Press reviews for: Postnatal PTSD

Dr Jane Morris, Consultant Perinatal Psychiatrist and Medical Psychotherapist

I was moved to tears by these powerful stories of birth trauma, linked by a digest of historical context and research evidence. Expert compassionate care can prevent damaging psychosocial consequences for women and families, whilst professionals themselves need to be shown the same kindness. This book is often heart-breaking but ultimately hopeful.

Professor Susan Ayers, City, University of London

A well-informed, comprehensive book based on research evidence and people's experiences of postnatal PTSD. Essential reading for maternity care professionals.

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