What Your Autistic Child Wants You to Know

And How You Can Help Them

"There are so many things I wish I could have told my parents when I was a child, but back then I did not have the words."
It can be challenging understanding what your autistic child wants and needs, at times it can feel like a struggle to ask the right questions and find the right words.

Written by autistic academic and advocate, Maja Toudal, in collaboration with other autistic voices, this candid book explores a range of common situational and social challenges an autistic young person may face and gives lived-experience advice on how to resolve them. Maja offers insights on everything from making mealtimes work for your child, to handling bullying and peer pressure, both at school and on social media, providing an insider's guide into the child's emotional life.

With relatable and engaging advice on what your child needs and why, alongside chapters focusing on how to approach puberty, providing coping mechanisms for meltdowns, and offering insight into making safe spaces, this is the essential guide to parenting autistic young people.
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Press reviews for: What Your Autistic Child Wants You to Know

Sarah O'Brien, autistic advocate and writer

Maja encapsulates multiple views and shouts proudly the perspectives that autistic people want their parents to know but might not have the words for at the time. Growing up before and after my autism diagnosis I wish there was something as clear and accessible as this for my family.

Kara Dymond, PhD, autistic consultant, teacher, university lecturer, and author of The Autism Lens

An exceptional read and a window into the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of autistic folks - of any age. This should be considered essential reading for every parent/guardian of an autistic child. I will be recommending this to all the families with whom I work. As a late diagnosed autistic, I found Maja's descriptions resonated with me, making sense of my early life experiences. What a gift, to feel so seen and heard in autism literature!

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