Facing Mighty Fears About Animals

'If you feel like you have to avoid common animals - the kind other people are okay being around - life can get pretty complicated. It's hard to always be on the lookout, to make decisions about where to go or not go depending on whether the animal will be there.'

Fear of animals that slither, bite and sting is common among children. But sometimes healthy caution turns to outright fear, getting in the way of going places and doing things.

Facing Mighty Fears About Animals teaches children techniques to shrink over-size fears. Written with warmth and humor, and chock full of Fun Facts about bees, dogs, spiders and snakes, this book is a game-changer. A note to parents and caregivers, along with a supplemental Resource Page, makes this the perfect guide for families and mental health counselors.

This book is part of the Dr Dawn's Mini Books About Mighty Fears series, designed to help kids aged 6-10 to tackle their fears and live happier lives!
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